9.3.1. Localization


In the "Localization" section there is the possibility to switch to the necessary language.

Localization sector

Take into account the percentage of each translation of represented languages - the higher value - the more program's options and content will be displayed in the selected language.

Less percentage of translation will show the program's interface with more inaccuracies. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the language with the higher percentage.

The percentage value of languages, which have been translated from 80 percent and higher, are marked in green color, from 50 percentage to 80% - in blue, less than half (< 50 %) - in red.

Press the [Download] symbol to unpack the language translation and install it in the software.

Download option

The "Installed" designation will appear opposite the field of the language name:

Installed designation

To activate selected language, press the corresponding button at the bottom.

Activate selected language

If the translation is not complete (does not equal to 100 percent), you will see the message to coordinate your further actions:

Notification message

Click the [OK] button to exit current section of Store Manager and update the program's interface. Choose [Cancel] to discard your previous selection.

In the top toolbar of Store Manager you can switch between different languages and change program's interface. Go to Settings and press the triangle next to the "Application Language" field.

Application Language

It opens the drop-down list with languages, which were already installed and can be used in the Store Manager. Choose the one you need, and language will be automatically changed.