3.7.11. Product Reviews

fmEditReviews - Product Reviews

Store Manager's Product Rating System allows you to customize the rating categories through which your customers may rate products. This is accomplished by creating Product Reviews.

Product reviews tab

You may choose to add, edit, or delete Reviews for a highlighted product, using either the toolbar or the pop-up context menu:

Product reviews top toolbas and context menu

Using the menu options you may perform the following:

  • Add review, which displays a blank Edit Review form, which is subsequently used to create a new review. For a description of Edit Review, see below.
  • To Edit Review you can double click on it, or use the [Edit Review] button, which will display the "Edit Review" form for the highlighted product. Please see below for options.
  • You can delete selected review from your store.

Caution: you won't be able to undo a delete from store option, except by restoring a from a previously created database backup.

  • To Adjust Columns Width, select the relevant button, or enable the Column Auto width option.
  • Use Show All Reviews, or Show reviews of Current Product filters, to manage the respective reviews view.

To access the Admin Panel, to manage your Review, select the relevant option on the Context menu, made available by right-click the tab.

Edit Review

To add a new review, or edit an existing one, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the [Create New] or [Edit Review] button, and the relevant edit category window will appear.
  2. In the window, subsequently displayed, specify the following General Information:
    • "Product" will display the name of the highlighted product, to which you wish to add a review.
    • "Posted By". Specify the Editor's name, or nickname.
    • "Product Rating". This will state 'Rating isn’t Available', until at least one Store View is selected, at which point the rating will become visible, in a drop-down window. The same Rating table, that is also made available to your Customers, for the selected Store View, will appear. You may select 1-5 stars for each Rating option, along with a Summary Rating.
    • "Status". Select whether the Review is Approved, Pending, or Not Approved. For the review to display in the front-end, it must be Approved.
    • "Visible In". Select the Store Views in which this rating will display, for the designated product.
    • "Nickname". Enter the name of the Reviewer, as it will display in the Front-End.
    • "Summary of Review". Enter the title of the Review, as it will display in the Front-End.
    • "Review". Enter the contents of the Review, as it will be displayed in the Front-End.
    • The [Edit HTML] button will display the HTML Editor window. It has 2 tabs, HTML, and Code, along with a Properties Toolbar. Additionally, the Source Preview window is useful, if you are working directly with 'raw' HTML text, which will offer you precise control over the tags used within the page. However, by default, you may still work with objects visually.
  3. Click [OK] to save the entry, or click [Cancel] to discard it. If the Status has been set to "Approved", the Review will be displayed, and appear in the front-end of your store.

Now you can also add available product reviews to the fast custom filter:

Fast Custom Filter

And launch filtering from the product page by choosing the required parameter from the drop-down list:

Filter tool in the product reviews toolbar