Automated Custom Options Export (Beta)




You can launch the Automated Export Custom Options by following such ways:

1) Go to the top Store Manager’s Menu and find Addons section. Choose Automated Export Addon and find in the operations list a necessary action - Automated custom options export:

Automated Custom Options Export

2) In the top Store Manager’s sections list find the ‘Show scheduled tasks’ tab. The page which appears helps to add the new task to the available list. Just press the ‘Add task’ option to call the Scheduler form.

‘Task type’ field - choose the task you want to schedule.

Add task option

It uploads automatically the list of all available configurations. Once the selected process is not performed yet, you should launch the wizard and go through the export/import process to create/save the necessary configuration.

Press 'Create and Modify Configuration' option in the Scheduler form to run the export.

Create and Modify option

Select file step serves for specifying the path to a file which is used in exporting/importing.

Export file name

'Use Configuration' field facilitates the passage through the import/export steps with the already saved settings configuration during the previous process.

'Next' button to proceed.

Select custom options to export

Select products for which the custom options will be transferred. There are three variants:

- for all products - involves the whole products list in the store

- only for selected products - runs process only for the selected positions

- only for filtered products - refers to products that were previously filtered

Select the appropriate store view which the exporting data will be associated with.

Move to the next step.

Select fields delimiter and quote character

'Quote string values with' field should be checked to avoid incorrect data display or transferred.

The last step to preview the summary results and saving the export configuration in the field below:

Preview step of export

In order to keep the current configuration in the wizard just specify the configuration name and press ‘Save settings’ button.

Save configuration field

To place it separately use the triangle option to call the drop-down menu and choose the necessary command - i.e. ‘Save Settings to File’ (see the illustration above).

Once the configuration is saved you can return to the schedule form and set the required details to automate such process.

Schedule task area