3.10. Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

Pay attention, this feature is available in Store Manager for Magento versions starting from 3.23!

Multi Source Inventory or MSI is a convenient way to manage sources to identify where your products are located.

To start working with sources and stocks you should create them in Magento Admin backend, first.

Note: A source is a physical location of products you’re selling. You may create any location as a source. A stock is a sales channel to the location of a source.

Admin Panel Inventory Tab

After you created necessary sources, you’ll be able to assign them to the relevant products at your store.

Firstly, select the product and open “Assign Sources” tab in the lower grid.

Assign Sources in the Lower Product Grid

Press the [Assign Sources] button to open the “Source” window. In this window you should specify the following information:

  • “Source”. Choose where your products are stored physically.

  • “Stock availability”. Select whether a product is “In Stock” or “Out of Stock”.

  • “Qty”. Set the quantity of a product in the location you’ve specified recently.

  • “Notify Quantity”. Leave this field selected, by default.

Add Source to Product Tab

Press [OK] to save your entry, or [Cancel] to discard changes.

Now you can see sources you’ve assigned your product to. You can add several sources for your product with different Qty value. This will help you know where and how many products do you have in stock.

Assigned Sources

Also, you may specify the view of the products grid. That is, you can add custom columns or disable default ones. To do so, click the [View] button and choose the necessary option from the drop-down list.

Add MSI Columns to Product Grid

There is also the possibility to assign sources in bulk. For this, highlight several products, right-click the highlighted area and choose Source - > Assign to Selected Products:

Assign to Selected Products Button from Context Menu

This will open the form where you may add or delete sources, specify the necessary details on sources, quantity, etc. for all selected products at once.

Assign Sources for Selected Products Tab

Confirm your entry by pressing [OK], or discard changes with [Cancel]

After you confirmed editing, the following form will appear:

Assign Sources for Products Proccess

Click [Close] when operation is finished.


The other option available in the same drop-down list is Source - > Sources Multi Editor. This will open the “Product Sources Multi Editor” form. In this form you can manage information on sources and quantity of several products at once.

Product Source Multi Editor - Simple Mode

You should also specify information in two panes:

  • “Quantity Modifier”. Set a number of available products in this pane.

  • “Notify Quantity Modifier”. In this pane, specify notifier for product quantity.

After finishing editing, press [OK] to save your changes, or [Cancel] to discard them.

There is the possibility to update the quantity of products in existing sources with the help of the Import/Export Wizard. You can perform this in the “Assign Sources (MSI)” field, which was added to the Import/Export Wizard in Store Manager for Magento 3.23.

Add Sources During Import Products Proccess