9.3. Advanced Preferences

fmPreferences - Advanced Preferences Section

Sub-pages listing:

There are three subsections in the "Advanced Preferences" section:

  • "Database"

  • "Notifications"

  • "Miscellaneous"

Magento Store Manager Preferences


The "Advanced Database Settings" subsection allows you to:

  • "Use My SQL protocol compression"

  • "Write a detailed SQL log". This option will save SQL log files for you

  • Set the connection timeout - "Direct" or "Bridge"

  • Set the "Table prefix". All the data tables will have a prefix. This is a very useful option, especially if there are several stores

  • "Enable", or "Disable", the "Rebuild 'catalog_category_product_index' for entire product category tree" option, or set it into "Auto" mode

  • "Delete special price values when they are set to 0"

Magento Store Manager Advanced Database Settings


The "Notifications" subsection allows you to:

  • "Update available". Enable/Disable whether to notify about new updates availability

  • Enable/Disable whether there are "New order notification"

  • Set the "Last order ID"

  • Specify the possibility of "Sound Notifications"

Magento Store Manager Preferences Notification Sections


The "Miscellaneous" subsection allows you to:

  • Show, or hide, the left-bottom banner

  • Show tips and tricks, on start-up

  • Enable/Disable the WYSIWYG HTML editors

  • "Store the URL". It may be the same as the database host

  • Enable/Disable whether, or not, to reset the layout settings, when a new version is installed (Recommended).

Magento Store Manager Advanced Preferences

Image Watermark

Provide a level of protection to your images, on the web, by using your company’s watermark. Begin by clicking [Settings], in the top panel of Store Manager, and select Preferences. In the sections list, locate the "Image Watermark" option.

A form, with currently selected options, will be displayed.

Magento Store Manager Preferences Image Warermark

Check the upper field, and specify a filename and its direction in the drive system of your computer. Use the browse button, to locate the desired image file (see an illustration above).

Customize the view of your watermark, and the Product's Image: set the percentage of its opacity, and specify its localization, etc.

In the lower section, you will be able to preview the watermark over your displayed product images, after saving the configuration changes.

Note: Any changes made, will apply only to new images, which are subsequently added, to the Store database.

Also, if you want the watermark to be present on all pictures within the Store Catalog, be sure to overwrite existing images of products with new ones.