18.1. Export Cart Price Rules


Run the Import/Export Cart Price Rules wizard from the top Store Manager's Menu:

Import/Export Cart Price Tules

Choose [Export] on the "Welcome" page of the wizard:

Export action on Welcome page

Specify the path to the target file in the upper field manually, or use the browse [...] button:

Export file name

The next stage of the export process requires an indication of the relevant store view the cart rules will be taken from:

Select Cart rules to Export step

The "Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Characters" step allows choosing the delimiter to separate fields data in the export file:

Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character

Use the drop-down list to indicate the necessary delimiter position or leave it as default.

In order to show data correctly in Excel or other program, leave the "Quote string values with" field selected.

On the "Preview Export" step check the data that is going to be transferred, and choose an "After export action":

Preview Export step

Press [Export] to launch the export process:

Export button