18.1 Export Cart Price Rules


Run the appropriate wizard by using the top Store Manager's Menu:

Import/Export Cart Price Tules

Choose an action on the Welcome page in the Export/Import Cart Price Rules Wizard:

Export action on Welcome page

Specify the path to the source file in the upper field manually or use the browse button:

Export file name

The next stage of the export process requires the indication of the appropriate store view (site) the cart rules will be taken from:

Select Cart rules to Export step

‘Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Characters’ step allows choosing the delimiter to separate the fields data in the export file:

Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character

Use the drop-down list to indicate the necessary delimiter position or leave it as default.

‘Quote string values with’ field - recommended to leave this field checked to avoid some incorrectness during the data opening in Excel or any other program.

Preview step - check the data which are going to transfer and choose an action after export process listed below:

Preview Export step

To launch the exporting helps the appropriate button in the lower corner of the right side:

Export button

The process is completed.

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