Create Configurable Product from Custom Option (Enterprise Edition only!)


If you have Store Manager for Magento Enterprise Edition, and there are some simple products with custom options (drop-down type only!), you are able to generate a configurable product with one click.

Store Manager Products Grid

To perform this, select necessary items from the grid and call the context menu. In the drop-down list select the required action.

Create Configurable Product Using Custom Option

The first screen shows the main preconditions of configurable products generating. Choose necessary options to each field, listed in the form:

Choose Options for Configurable Products
  • Images will be generated for all products (configurable and associated simple ones) at once, if you select the "Generate images to all products" field.

Set "Visibility" for Simple Products
  • "Set "Visibility" for simple products" - visibility means how simple products, associated to configurable, will be reflected at the store: "Not Visible Individually", visible only in "Catalog", visible only during "Search" or "Catalog, Search".

Set "Visibility" for configurable product(s)
  • "Set "Visibility" for configurable product(s)" - allows to display configurable products at the store, depending on the option you chose: "Not Visible Individually", visible in "Catalog", in "Search", in "Catalog, Search".

Set "Status" for Configurable Product
  • "Set "Status" for configurable product(s) - make configurable products available at the store by choosing "Enabled" or hide such products from the main store page selecting "Disabled".

  • Apply price based on custom options - if a custom option has price mark-up, the price of a created simple product will be generated with regard to the mark-up.

Then press [OK] to proceed.

You start the process of configurable product generating, which you can monitor via pop-up messenger.

Creating Products

Depending on the number of custom options and their variants, the main configurable product and the simple ones will be created. For example, we have one custom option that contains 3 values and another one with 4 values in accordance. Then the program generates one configurable product and 12 simple products.

New Products in Products Grid

You can see the new tab in the lower grid of "Product Data" called "Associated products". It includes a list of simple products with the possibility to specify the necessary price values for each one of them.

Assosiated Products Grid

You can perform following operations with the top toolbar:

Add assosiated product

< - To add simple items to the relevant configurable product they should have a unique set of attributes and they should not be already assigned to this configurable product in the "Associated Products" list.

Edit Assosiated Product

< - To edit available product associations press the [Edit] button in current tag’s toolbar.

Delete Associated Product Relations

< - To remove all relations between configurable and associated (simple) product(s), press the corresponding button on the top toolbar.

To be able to see associated products list partly, only with the specific configurable attribute, press the corresponding button. Select necessary check boxes and press [OK] to save your choice.

Select Configurable Attributes

In order to create a new associated product in the list of existing, press the corresponding button on the toolbar:

Creare New Assosiated Product

The main difference between this form of new product creation and the main form is the presence of additional tab called "One Click Configurable Group", where you can choose required values for associated products. There are attributes that were processed during configurable product generation. In our case, these are capacity and speed attributes and their values.

The newly-created product with the corresponding attribute details, which you have specified, will replenish the associated list.

There is also the possibility to copy data from configurable product and create on their basis the associated one. To do so click the top toolbar’s button. You can replace or add necessary details and click the [OK] button to save changes.

Copy from Configurable Product

In order to go directly to the product in the product grid, press the corresponding button atop.

Go to Product

The [Filter] button helps to reflect only items you need in the Product Grid. To do this, select associated product(s) from the list and click the filter button:

Create Fast Filter for Configurable Products

You can choose all or few associated products to filter.

The new filter option will be created among the other filter's drop-down parameters and will be called "Associated products for product ID=..."

To adjust or automatically resize columns widths, click the corresponding buttons:

Resize Columns Widths

In the "Attribute" section of Store Manager, you can see "One Click Configurable Group" with the specified attributes terms in it.

Attributes Grid

Note: If there are fields with non-Latin characters, Store Manager cannot proceed with generation. For this reason, you will get the following message from the software:

Generate Attribute Code

If you accept an offer, Store Manager will create configurable attribute code itself by using the code generator. That will be as follows:

Specific Product Attribute Code

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