10.1. Email Settings


The last program's updates (starting from the version make possible to send to the customers' email messages directly by using the reliable SMTP server, which is decrypted as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

You can send emails by using the any of the following providers: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others.

To be able to test how it works, firstly, go to Preferences of Store Manager and choose "Email Settings" section.

Magento Store Manager Email Settings Preferences

The simple mode of the form represents with the fields for an email address (the address of the email from which the message will be sent ) and its password.

Press the button below to check the email settings and send the test email to your email box (see an illustration below - step 1). In case you received such message (step 2) you have to switch to the advanced email settings (step 3) form and specify the data related to the SMTP server.

Magento Store Manager Test Email Settings Error

Fill the form with necessary details, related to port and host data, indicate authentication and SMTP server parameters. To make sure the specified details are correct, use the Test option indicating an email address which the test message will be sent to, in advance:

Magento Store Manager Advanced SMTP Settings

You should receive the template of the email in your email box. If the fields are filled correctly, press the [OK] button.

The message that will be sent from your server to the mailbox of the recipient will be placed on the SMTP server. You can configure the number of attempts to send, provided that the client server for some reason will be unavailable. In this case, the sending of the message will be repeated the following number of times, established in this field:

Magento Store Manager Set Number of attempts to send
  • "Connection timeout" allows specifying the duration of the connecting with the server (in seconds).

Magento Store Manager Connection Timeout
  • "Keep mail (days)" - the period during which the messages will be placed in Emails Queue on SMTP server after which they will be automatically removed from a list.

Magento Store Manager Set "Keep Mail (Days)" Parameter
  • "Mail send delay (minutes)". This field refers to an automatic mailing of the messages:

Magento Store Manager Set Mail Delay Parameter

Once the task of automatically sending from Abandoned carts, orders, customers sections of Store Manager, etc. is created (added to the schedule), the delay between mailings will be equal to the same amount of minutes specified in this field.

Press the [OK] button to save the entries and exit from the current section.