4.5. Export Customers


This section explains the process of exporting Customers from your Magento Store to a comma-separated values file (.csv), which can subsequently be opened in MS Excel, or other compatible application, for detailed analysis, and. or. further processing.

To export Customers from the Magento database, perform the following steps:

1. Go to Tools -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Customers. Select Export, and click the [Next >] button, to proceed.

Export customers step

2. Store Manager can export customers to a .csv file. Either enter the file name directly, or navigate to the file by selecting the browse [...] button.

Export file name

* You may Save Export Settings, for future Customers exports, or load a previously saved setting, for use now.

3. In the next step, specify which customers will be exported. You may export all customers, or only a filtered subsection of customers, chosen prior to opening the Export Wizard.

Select Customers to Export

4. The Fields Delimiter page contains important settings. Be sure to Check, and verify them, to ensure proper configuration.

Select fields delimiters
  • The first option specifies the "delimiter character". The most popular delimiters are the comma (,), the semicolon (;) and the tab character (<Tab> ). However, other symbols may also be used. An Export file is usually generated, for subsequent import, or other processing. If an incorrect delimiter is specified, during import, the file will not parse properly and Customers will not be imported, at least not successfully.
  • The second option designates the "quote string value", which is used to separate strings in the resulting .csv file.

5. In this step, select the fields to export:

Select fields to export

The available fields that may be exported are listed in the left pane. Select the fields to export and click the [>] button, which will move them to the selection pane, on the right. To export all fields, simply press [>>].

The order in which columns will be saved in the resulting .csv file may be changed. To do so, move the exported columns up, or down, via the respective button(s), at the bottom of the screen.

Move up and down

6. Preview the export file.

Preview export step

Also, specify which action to perform, after saving the export data. Selecting "None" will result in an automatic closing of the Wizard. To subsequently open a directory, containing the results file, select the desired option.

Selecting the "Open directory containing result file" option will automatically open the export file, in Microsoft Excel.

You may [Save Settings], for possible future Customer exports, and subsequent processing, or loading into other (compatible) application(s).

Save export configuration fle

Upon pressing the [Finish] button, the export process will begin!