14. Quick edit the simple product variants before applying


Since the version of Store Manager 3.3.0 (Build 1802), you are able to preview and then apply products variations before their final generation.

Check the page to discover the latest updates of Store Manager there .

Go to Products page of the program and in the lower menu bar of the configurable one select 'Associated...' -> 'Create Associated Products' option.

Create Associated Products button

You should specify necessary values on the right and check the attributes of the variations on the left in the form which appears.

Create associated products form

'Preview and Apply' button helps display generated variants in the tabular form below with the editable data, such as name, SKU, status, the state of visibility, weight, price and stock parameters: quantity, the status of stock

and stock manage.

Tabular form

Once you fill the necessary fields press the button 'Apply' to display the associations.

Associated products in Store Manager Products page

Let's create variations for the configurable product 'Headset of the living room' from the test store database. In the lower menu select 'Associated Products' tab and from the top toolbar press 'Create Associated Products' button.

Create associated products

Creation form represents the fields with the main product parameters in the right and attributes section in the left - use the attribute ''Color headset' to create variations.

Check the color positions which will be used for generating and press 'Preview and Apply' button below.

Create associated products form

The generated variations display in the tabular form. Columns whose values can be modified either contain the arrow to call the drop-down list with the embedded variants or calculator tool (for digital parameters like weight

and quantity).

Calculator or dropdown tools

Note, the columns with IDs are unchanged since the program generates such values automatically and they cannot be edited!

Columns with IDs

Now press 'Apply' after all modifications are done to launch the generator.

Take into account the modified details in the table below are displayed in blue, and null values - in red color.

Red and blue colors in the table

All associated products will be visible on the Products page of the Frontend with the details you have assigned before.

Frontend with associated products

New possibility is available in the updated version of Store Manager. The program allows to generate the SKU for the combinations during associated products creation.

The appropriate option is on the right side of the generator form. The drop-down list represents the possible variants of the combination SKU :

  • Parent SKU + Attribute Options Label

Based on SKU of the parent product (configurable product) and the label of the appropriate attribute option.

You can see the generation process with the current type in the example, provided below. The basis was taken the configurable product with the SKU ‘13’ and with the corresponding color variants (labels): green, red, blue.

  • Parent SKU + Attribute Option ID

To the combination SKU besides of the parent product SKU adds the ID of the attribute option:

  • Parent SKU+Attribute Option ID+Attribute Option Label

The third variant allows to form a combination number by adding parent product SKU, attribute option ID and attribute option label.

Do not forget to use the option for preview the generated combinations

in order to be able to discard their generation, if necessary:

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