7.7. Store Diagnostics

This tool is developed to keep your database in order, as well as for its faster and better work.

Store Diagnostics

There are following types of Store Diagnostics:

  • "Missing product images" shows the list of products that have image record in the database but the corresponding image does not exist on your server.

You can delete records linking to not existing images or export results into a file for the supplier.

  • "Images that are not linked to any product" allows to obtain the list of images from your server that is not related to any product in the database.

You can erase unnecessary images to save space on a server and keep it in order.

  • "Product not assigned to any category". If your store's database has products that are not linked to any of available categories, this type of store diagnostic displays all these products as a list.

So you're able to sort the data by the corresponding categories and arrange your products' location in the category tree.

  • "Product without any image" displays products that do not have any image from the media gallery of your store.

You can remove or attach the following items to the relevant media files.

To find the missing product images or products not assigned to any category, check the corresponding options and press the [Run Diagnostics] button.

Store Diagnostics se4ction

Please note, in the latest version of Store Manager there is the possibility to see the number of detected tasks after performing them in the current section.

For example, you run diagnostics to find out if there are the items not assigned to any category or products without any images at your store. Once the diagnostics is finished you will see the number of detected positions on each executed operations:

Number of detected diagnostics tasks

After the diagnostics running you may select among the several options:

1. "Go to Product" – to find the product on the FTP server.

After selecting this option, you will find the product into the Category Product Grid. To make sure why the product image is missing, go to Image Gallery (under the product grid) and browse the product. The FTP browser will be opened and you may check the missing images directory.

Store Diagnostics load images

2. "View in Browser" allows to see selected item(s) in your web-browser on your store page.

3. "Export to Excel" saves all shown items in Excel file.

4. "Clear results" clears the grid.

To be able to view the recommended action for specific data, which is found after diagnostics, you should choose the relevant type from the drop-down list on the right pane of the "Store Diagnostics" section.

Store Diagnostics Type

If you select some type of Store Diagnostics, for example, "Product without any image", you can edit selected product from the lower list simply press the [Edit Product] button on the toolbar.

You can fix the missing elements of your database with the relevant command in the top toolbar, namely the [Fix problem by executing recommended action] button.

Fix problem...button

Note: provided that you are using version of Store Manager 2.23.2.x and higher, you can use the necessary option in the "Store Diagnostics" section to be able to create the new filter parameter for data display.

Custom filter option

For example, you run diagnostics to find products without any image in your store database. When process is completed click on the appropriate button on the top toolbar and eponymous filter will be created. You can choose it on the main product page among the other drop-down filter options:

Custom Filter created

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