11. Create PDF Catalog with New Products via PDF Catalog Creator Addon

Launch the addon from the "Addons" section or from the context menu on the Products page.

  • From the top toolbar:

PDF Catalog Creator addon from the Addons section
  • From the context menu:

PDF Catalog Creator Addon from the context menu

The Catalog Wizard helps to create catalog step-by-step.

Create New Catalog Wizard Button

Step 1. Specify store settings for catalog creation

Fill the form for the "Catalog Settings" step. On this step you should indicate a name of the catalog, currency for price value, actual address of the store for which catalog is being created, store URL path etc.

Step 1. Catalog Settings

Step 2. Add products to the catalog

On the right side of the window, there are two panes:

  • The left one allows to create a new group of catalog data, rename and delete the existing one by using the top options.

  • The right pane serves for adding products to the catalog.

PDF Catalog Creator window

From the top toolbar you can perform the following actions:

Add products to catalog

Add products to catalog. After pressing the corresponding button on the upper toolbar, you will see the expanded categories tree. There, you should choose positions from which the items will be added to:

Add products to catalog
Remove Products button

[Remove Product(s)] from the selected catalog.

Preview catalog button

[Preview] catalog list.

Enable Drag&Drop button

[Disable Enable Drag&Drop] method. Enabled drag-and-drop option allows to move products from one category to another. You will get a notification for your further action:

Assign products to categories by Drag&Drop method

You have to choose from the following options:

    • "Assign product(s) to a category" - Product(s) will be assigned to a category you have chosen and will keep assigning to the previous category, as well, therefore it will be available in both categories.

    • "Move product(s) to a category (move but keep other category) - products will be removed from the previous category and became available in the selected category, but will keep assigning to other category positions.

    • "Move product(s) to a category (assign only selected category) - products will be removed and unassigned from the previous categories, thereafter assign will be available only in the selected category.

Update Selected products button

If products listed in the catalog have been changed in the store, you can update the data using the [Update Selected] button.

Check all "Is New" button

Mark all products as new in catalog.

[Check all "Is Printable"] option.

Step 3. Choose Catalog Layout

The final step of the catalog creation. From the list of available views, select the layout you want to apply to the PDF catalog. Each element of a template can be changed or corrected by with the options in front of each field.

Layout editor

To preview the Catalog, press the [Preview Catalog] button.

Preview Catalog and Close Wizard button

Now your catalog is ready to be used, and will be saved in the Catalog list of the addon wizard.

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