Upload Language File to Store Manager for Magento

Store Manager for Magento is an advanced application that obtained global Magento users' customer reach. It means, this fast-paced solution for Magento store handling attracted lots of users worldwide and is used for first-class online store management.

Customer diversity makes the Store Manager deploy in multiple languages. Correspondingly, language customization helps build the software that can target numerous languages, suit any online merchant and provide a great user experience for as many users around the world as possible.

Languages Supported By Store Manager

You have installed Store Manager for Magento and would like to get functions, options, and buttons displayed in your native language? Firstly, look through the list of languages this application has been translated to and check whether your locale has been added to this list at Store Manager translations. Take into a note, that translations are being permanently improved since Store Manager users themselves contribute to the projects, and correct and evaluate them. The percentage of translated information is provided under the country flag.

How to Enable The Language I Need?

By default Store Manager comes in the English language. If you want to change the interface language and it is available in the list, you should first download the corresponding language package and afterward activate the locale.

The Localization section of Preferences is responsible for the translation. Similar to the list, provided above, this window unites processed language projects and details on each. Simply click on the download sign for the required locale and wait for a little to download a file. Automatically the package is being installed and it remains only to enable the target language of Store Manager for Magento interface.

If the language you need has not yet been worked out or has been processed partially, join the translation activity and contribute to developing multilingual software for Magento store management. Terms and conditions are outlined at www.mag-manager.com/join translations As a translator, you will get a bonus depending on part of the work accomplished.

We care about each and every Magento store owner that uses Store Manager for business handling. This is multipurpose software, that helps boost store functioning efficiency and is adapted to Magento users worldwide.