4.9. Gift Card Account (Enterprise Edition)


The "Gift Card Account" section in Store Manager is used to preview generated codes for gift cards, that may subsequently be redeemed, or presented by the Customer for purchases, based upon special conditions.

To begin, choose the Store tab of Store Manager, and navigate to the Gift Card Account section.

Gift Card Account section

You will subsequently see a list of all existing gift codes, websites in which they are available to customers, their status, balance, along with their creation, as well as their expiration dates.

Gift Card Account columns

You may then edit or delete previously created cards data, as well as add new ones.

Gift Card Account toolbar

Note that some fields in this section are required, including "Website" (and the relevant online store), its status (redeemed, available, used or expired), and the setting of its mode (ie...active/not active, etc.).

It should also be specified whether the gift card may be redeemed by the customer, or not. The balance of the gift certificate may also be adjusted, by a specified amount.

The column "Code" cannot be edited once the code is generated automatically during creation. You can only preview or copy a value from this field.

Preview or copy gift card  code

You should note, if the card has already specified the code value - the program cannot generate the new one.

Do not forget to press the [Apply] button, at the bottom, to save your entries.


In the lower panel of the "Gift Card Account" section you may view history details, for the existing gift certificate(s). Main actions, related to changes in the status of a gift card (update, redemption, creation etc.) are also available for viewing and/or, editing. Additionally, corresponding dates, pertaining to any changes that may have been made, are also view-able.

The "Additional Information" column facilitates better understanding of the historic data. It displays a brief explanation of each action taken, from updates by a manager (administrator), along with the order ID, as well as the date(s) on which the gift card code was used/redeemed.

Additional information column

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