Grouped Products

Grouped Products enable you to display several similar products on a single page. For example, if you sell T-shirts in four colors and styles, you can make a grouped product display all four colors.

Grouped products allow you to create a new product using one or more existing products in your store.

Creating Grouped Products

There are few steps involved:

1. Create or Edit Attribute Set

Create attributes/attribute set which you will be able to use the currently grouped product. To see how to create an attribute set visit - Attribute Sets page.

2. Create Simple Products

Create simple products which you want to sell on the Grouped Product page.

Magento Store Manager Grouped Product Type Create Simple Producr

3. Make Grouped Product

After creating all simple products, click the [Add Product] button or use a right-click on products and then select "Add Product".

Magento Store Manager Grouped Product Type Create Grouped Product

4. Assign Simple Products to Magento Grouped Product

On the general tab for the Grouped Product in Store Manager for Magento, you’ll notice that a few fields are missing: Weight and Qty. These files are not necessary for Grouped products since weights and quantities are determined by individual products. Use the "Associated Products" tab to add individual products you've just created to the Grouped Product.

Magento Store Manager Grouped Product Type Associated Products

To add a new product to the grouped product you need to click the [Add] button.

Magento Store Manager Grouped Product Type Add Product

Mark an item you want to add to the grouped product. In the "Position" field, you can set up the sort order of the items. Remember that the product with the lowest number will have the highest position on the page.

5. Display Magento Grouped Product

Now Magento grouped product is visible at your store. Your customers will be able to select the products and make a purchase.

The next video will show how to create grouped type of products having the simple ones in Store Manager and in the Admin Panel as well: