3.7.12. Custom Options

fmCustomOptionsText, fmCustomOptionsSelect - Custom Options

The Custom Options section allows you to implement a custom configuration to your store, by defining and applying additional options to specific products, such as color, size, and style, as well as, additional cost, if necessary. Store Manager's Ultimate product options management allows you to add, remove and edit product options quickly.

Magento Store Manager Custom Options Tab

You may choose "Add Option Text, File or Data Types", or "Add Option Select Types" values for the highlighted product. You may enter an unlimited number of values.

The Custom Options section also allows you to Edit, or Delete options, using either the toolbar, or the context menu.

Magento Store Manager Custom Options Options

Below is a specification and delineation of topics covered in the Custom Options Area:

Text Option

Magento Custom Options allows you to offer specific options for the products that are being sold, for example, an item may be  customized by adding additional text.

To create a new Text Option, or edit an existing one, perform the following steps:

Magento Store Manager Add Option Text, File or Date Types

2. Specify the following general information:

3. Click [OK], to save this entry and create the option, or click [Cancel], to discard it.

Select Option

The Select Option is another Magento Custom Options type. To create a new Select Option, or to edit an existing one, perform the following steps:

Magento Store Manager Add Option Select Types

2. Specify the following general information:

3. Specify option values - "Title", "Price", "Price modifier type", "SKU" and "Sort Order".  

Magento Store Manager Add Custom Option Value

You can Add an option value using the relevant button. To edit a value - double click it. 

Magento Store Manager Delete Custom Option Value

You may also delete the selected option value from your store using the corresponding button.

4. Click [OK] to save this entry, or click [Cancel] to discard changes.

You may also perform other basic operations, such as:

Magento Store Manager Edit the Option
Magento Store Manager Delete the Option

Note: Be sure to pay careful attention, as you won't be able to undo a delete operation, except by restoring a previously saved database backup.

Magento Store Manager Expand the Options

Copy And Paste Custom Options

In order to copy multiple custom options from one product, and paste them to another product(s), perform the following actions:

Magento Store Manager Copy Custom Options

4. Use the [Copy] button, on the custom options toolbar, to copy selected custom options to the clipboard

5. Select the category that will contain products that you want to paste, and select all configurable products, to paste the custom options

Magento Store Manager Paste Custom Options

6. To perform the action, select the [Paste] clipboard button.

There are some additional options:

Magento Store Manager Import/Export Custom Options Button
Magento Store Manager Edit Price Types
Magento Store Manager To adjust column widths, select the relevant button, or enable [Column Auto Width]

And that's it. You may check all of the selected configurable products, to review the Custom Options that have been duplicated.