4.3.1. Store Credit (Beta) (for Enterprise Edition)


The Store Credit (beta) option allows for the accumulation, and manipulation of Customer credit balance(s).

You may update a Customer's Store credit balance, by selecting the Store Credit (Beta) tab, in the Customer section.

To access the feature, select the Customer section, and select the 'Store Credit (Beta)' tab. After selection, perform the steps outlined in the following illustrations:

Store Credit Balance tab

Press the 'Update Balance' button

Update Balance button

In the form which subsequently appears, select the appropriate website, specify the updated Customer balance value, in the 'Update balance field'.

Update credit balance form

You may also reduce the Customer's credit balance by typing in a negative value (-), or increase the balance by specifying a positive figure.

As an example (reflecting the previously specified illustration): A Customer has a positive balance, but needs a credit amount correction, to reflect a resulting $0.00 credit balance. This requires a posting to be entered, in the update field, along with specifying a dollar amount, prepended with a negative sign. If the balance was $55.00 - we would type in the following value (in the Update Balance field):

Update balance with negative sign

To inform the Customer, regarding the changes to his/her credit balance, check the Notify Customer by Email field on the form (see image below).

* For multiple Store Views, select the appropriate Store View, from which this email notification will be sent, via the drop-down menu.

Notifier customer checkbox

Enter any additional data, or information that needs to be entered, in the Email message, in the Comment(s) field.

Comment field

Once the form is completed, click on the 'OK' button, to save the entry, and apply the credit balance update.

* Press the 'Refresh' button, if the changes are not immediately reflected on the screen.

Refresh button

If you are using Store Manager for Magento, Enterprise Edition, and need more assistance, regarding this feature, please contact our Support Team and we will gladly help you!