1.7. SSH Tunneling

fmPreferences - SSH connection

This section describes how to setup SSH connection.

If for some reasons direct connection via port 3306 is not allowed, there is another way - secure SSH connection. Actually, SSH is a kind of tunnel between two computers - your and your server. Look here for more details about SSH. Please make sure that SSH access is enabled and configured on your hosting account. Please contact your hosting company to enable and configure it. You will NOT be able to use SSH connection until Hosting Company enables it.

Setup SSH Connection

You can set up new SSH host, or you can select the same as database host.

The only info you need is SSH username, password, local port, and remote port number. You're welcome to contact your hosting company to find out your username and password and to verify if the 22 port is used.

Click the [Test SSH Connection] button to verify the accuracy of the entered data.

SSH Encrypted Tunnel Options

Note: SSH settings do not override MySQL settings. To connect to your database using SSH you must specify all required MySQL parameters (Direct Connection to MySQL Server) as well as SSH.

For the more secure way to connect to your server with SSH then the password is SSH key.

Starting from the latest update of the Store Manager you are able to load the key from a file directly in SSH sector of Preferences:

In order to perform this, select the corresponding checkbox and the option for uploading the key will be available (as in the illustration above).

Note: the key should be in OpenSSH format. In other cases, you have to convert it by using the PUTTYgen (see below for more detailed information).

Press [OK] or [Apply] to start connecting.

Apply SSH Connection

Check the guide below for more information on current theme:

SSH Settings

fmPreferences - PuTTyKeyGeneratorOpenSSHkey

PuTTy Key Generator

In order to regenerate a private key in OpenSSH, use the key generator utility - PuTTy Key Generator. This is necessary because Store Manager for Magento requires OpenSSH key for proper work.

After you downloaded and launched PuTTy Key Generator, go to: File -> Load private key

Load Private Key

If a key has Passphrase, enter it in the field shown on the illustration below.

Then press the [OK] button to start generation.

The screen below represents how generated key will appear in the utility window:

PuTTY Key Generator

On the next step you should save the key on your hard drive. To do so, go to: Conversions -> Export OpenSSH key

Export OpenSSH Key

After you saved the key, you have to load it to your Store Manager. Press the [Load From File] button to find and upload the key.

Load Key From File

When the key is loaded, the SSH Tunnel option is ready to be used.

Private Key Is Loaded

The SSH connection is established now.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.