1. Quick Start Guide

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This chapter describes how to perform product installation, registration, and setup of database connections.

Installing Store Manager for Magento

IMPORTANT: Store Manager is a Windows application (not a php extension) and should be installed on your computer.

If you haven’t already downloaded the product, you should use the download link in your order confirmation e-mail or download Store Manager directly from your license account .

You have to close all Store Manager applications before starting the installation.

Store Manager for Magento's setup wizard will guide you through all software installation steps, summarized below:

  • Accept License Agreement

  • Select Destination Location (Some, when installing, like to place the software in locations on their computer, other than those suggested by default)

  • Choose which components should be installed (all (full installation is recommended); compact; or custom)

  • Select Start Menu folder (where to place program shortcuts)

  • Select additional tasks (optional)

The Wizard will inform you, upon successful installation of the product.

Product Activation

To complete your installation, you will be asked to provide license data, and to register, and activate your application.

Specify your License Number (as it appears in your license account).

Store Manager licensing allows you to install, register and use one copy of the software, per license. Upon purchasing a full version (Store Manager for Magento Primary License), you will receive one, primary license. If you want to install and use the program on additional computers, or at other locations, you will be required to purchase Additional licenses for each installation (registration). If you experience any issues with registration, please check the following article: Registration problems. I'm unable to register Store Manager application, what's wrong? You may also read our article what is primary license, additional license and trial license?

Connecting to a Store Database

Once you are done with installation and registration, you will be asked to connect to the database, or databases, of the Store, or Stores (Store Manager supports simultaneous updating of multiple stores and databases), you will be working with. You can either provide the connection settings to your live store, to immediately work with your live store database, or use the Embedded database, which allows you to manipulate and update all features using a default, temporary database, created locally, for subsequent updating of your live store database.

Upon first start-up, you will see connection Wizard that will offer you to setup connection to your live store data. In case you want to play around and not to apply changes to your real store, just click Cancel and you will be taken to default products with sample data in Store Manager Application.

In case you want to connect to your live store, please select among available options to proceed:

  • [Simple Mode] - Allows you to automatically connect to your Magento Store without any manual modifications.

  • [Advanced Mode] - Requires some manual settings to be specified. If you are unsure about what to specify in these settings, please use Simple Mode.

  • [Support] - If you are out of time, or have no idea what to do next, just contact us and we'll setup everything for you, free of charge!

If you don't see the Wizard, you can open it manually, by navigating via the Menu, to the Preferences form (F12) -> Database connection tab -> Database Connection Wizard button.

Here you can find more details on Database Connection Wizard for Windows users and follow this link to check the detailed instruction on Connection Wizard for MAC users as well.

Setting up an FTP Connection

If you're using Advanced Mode, do not forget to setup your FTP settings, in order to be able to manage, view or upload images, using Store Manager. Check the Preferences form (F12) -> FTP. Please click here for details.

Now you're all set to enjoy the significant advantages afforded by using Store Manager for Magento!

Watch the video tutorial below to see how Store Manager works and what basic features you can use to operate your online store.