13. Update some products data (i.e. quantity and price values only) and do not change the other details during importing

Prepare the file to import with the main product data. It should contain the following columns:

- product ID;

- product quantity;

- product price;

- product name;

- product description

- category path etc.

Run the import products wizard - specify the path to a file you want to use in importing.

Select file to import

Move to the next step and choose the correct delimiters to separate the values in a file .

Preview file - step2

On the 'Additional Settings' step check the additional conditions for importing.

Fields Delimiters and Additional Settings

Select store view on the next step which the changes made during importing will be reflected in.

Check store view

'Base Formats' page displays the main date and time format and basic separators used for numerical values.

Base formats step

Take into account the Assignment step of import process - you should link columns from a file you want to be updated to the appropriate fields of your store database.

Assign columns with

Please note, only assigned data will be transferred or modified!

Do not forget to choose the identifier - SKU or ID by which Store Manager will recognize the data, which are importing in the store database.

Import identifier

Preview page allows you to see which data will be imported (modified) when the process is completed.

The next step - Import Options - allows to choose an action you want to perform with transferred data - in our case, the 'Modify only' variant should be selected.

Import options step

Start import process and wait till you get the results on the Summary step.

Import is completed

To be able to check modified data - open the Products page of Store Manager to see the latest changes in the price values and product inventory . The other product details remain unchanged after importing.

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