17. Add Video to the Product Details


Please take a note, the last product update allows adding and using video clips in the Media Gallery of the Products.


The possibility to add the video records to the product details is available for the store(s) based on the Magento 2.x versions since the Magento of 1.x versions doesn't support such option!

a) in the update version of Store Manager in the Products Lower Grid, you can find the appropriate tab - ‘Images and Videos

Images and videos tab

b) In Store Manager for store(s) with the older versions of Magento (till 2.x) such option is not available (see an example illustration below):

Image Gallery in old version

Firstly, to be able to add the URL to the video of the selected product you will see the notification on the upper field to get the API Key.

This can be done from the Google account - look at this page to get more details on getting the API key based on your Google credentials.

In order to activate the key and proceed with the video assignment, use the link below:

Insert the API key

It should lead to the Admin Panel of the store, i.e. Dashboard-> Stores-> Configuration->Catalog choose the same-named sector and find the Product Video area.

Insert the API Key in the corresponding field and press the button to keep this entry.

Add API key in Admin

We recommend you to run the Cache from the Back-End office after the current action.

Flush Magento Cache

Once the key is accepted, the form in Store Manager will be updated (see an illustration below).

As an exception, if you place the records on Vimeo site (https://vimeo.com/), such type is supported without API key availability - the only thing you need to specify the appropriate URL path to it.

You can insert the URL path to the video in the appropriate field.

URL - Title-Description fields

Title- is a mandatory field. Indicate the name of the video record there.

Description - indicate some information about the attached video.

Preview image field - where you can assign the illustration to the product, preview it in the corresponding area, check key positions to display the picture on the store’s Front-End - like the main, small, thumbnail, swatch.

Image Roles checkboxes

Make the image enable/disable on the Product page.

Hide from Product Page

If you have installed the version of a Flash Player which supports such type of the video records, you will be able to preview it in the right section of the form:

Preview image area

In other cases, please install the appropriate version of the Flash Player by clicking on the direct link, presented below:

Flash Player install

After clicking on the ‘OK’ button in the edit form you enable to see the special sign in Media Gallery tab which shows the product has the appropriate video added:

Video sign on Products page

In the right panel of the current tab, you can see two sub-tabs:

- Image preview shows an illustration which has been assigned to the record

- Video Preview - you can press an option to start video recovering directly from the lower product's grid.

The additional information which was indicated in the 'Edit Video' form like description, title, URL path you can see under the record as well.

Video preview sub-tab

The video can be previewed now on the Product page of the store. Select the product from the Products list and use the context menu to move to the Front-End:

View product page

The video will be available by clicking on the image position presented below:

Video on the Store's page

To edit video(s) and related information in Store Manager is possible by using the option from the toolbar menu:

Edit video option

If you need any assistance or help concerning current Store Manager's option contact with our support center to get detailed information.

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