1. Add Magento Manufacturer?

In Magento manufacturer is an attribute that can be added to an attribute set, and manufacturer’s name is an option of an attribute. It is not required by default, so it can be removed from the list of attributes in some attribute sets.

To add one follow few steps:

  1. Go to Catalog - > Attributes. You can drag-and-drop manufacturer attribute to assign it to a certain attribute set or group.

Note: Manufacturer attribute should be assigned to a product’s attribute set (if not, see how to add an attribute to an attribute set). If Magento manufacturer attribute is assigned correctly, you can add a new manufacturer name.

2. Find manufacturer attribute in the list of attributes and double click it. Open manufacturer's attribute for editing and go to the "Options" tab. Press [Add Options] and specify necessary information to add manufacturer name you need.

Now, when a new manufacturer name is added, you can assign it to your products. Go to the "Categories and Products" section, find a product you need, open it for editing and in the "Edit Product" form choose the name of the manufacturer from a drop-down list.

You can add other manufacturer names the same way.

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