6.2. Edit Order

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"Edit Order" allows to obtain, edit and maintain detailed information about your orders in Store Manager for Magento. Current functionality also allows you to Delete or Edit Order data.

The following topics are covered:

Edit Order in Magento

"Edit Order" options are available in the context menu. With right-click over the Orders page call the drop-down commands list:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Options

To edit orders payment select the order you want to change payment information for, and modify the form as illustrated below:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Edit Payment Method

You can change a payment method from the drop-down list and shipping details, such as a description and amount.

Press the [OK] button to save recent modifications.

To edit/modify order details, such as customers personal details and shipping/billing addresses, choose the necessary command from the context menu:

The following form will appear:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Form

Delete Order from Magento

You may delete orders in Store Manager for Magento, using the Orders toolbar.

To delete an order from your selected Store database, select one or more orders and click the [Delete] button.

Caution: You won’t be able to undo a "Delete From Store" option, except through restoring of recently performed database backup.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Delete Order

Change Order Status

You may change the status of an order, using the "Order" section's context menu:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Change Order Status

Press the "Change Order Status" option, and select the updated status, from the list of available options.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Change Order Status Tab

Attention: Starting from the latest version of Store Manager, in the "Change Order Status" form, you can configure a receipt of the notification for the particular customer when the order's status has changed by using the template of an email message:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Select Template

A message of the relevant template will be received by the customer on an email address automatically, once the status of an order is updated.

Order Lower Grid

In the lower area of the "Order" section, you will see the tabs containing available orders, along with the details.

Magento Store Manager Order Lower Grid

The "Information" tab displays "Price" and "Summary Total Amount" for the selected order(s).

You may change the data, by pressing the relevant button.

Magento Store Manager Edit Ordered Product

In the form, which subsequently appears, change the current "Quantity" and "Price" value on the order.

Magento Store Manager Add Product to Order
  • To link additional items to the order, press the [Add Products To Order] button:

Magento Store Manager Edit Ordered Product
  • To edit product quantity or price, press the [Edit Ordered Product] button:

Magento Store Manager Delete Ordered Product
  • To delete an item from the list of ordered products, select the [Delete] button.

Magento Store Manager Go to Ptoduct Button
  • To go directly to a product that has been added to the current order, select the [Go To Product] tab button.

Magento Store Manager Control Width
  • The columns manipulation buttons allow you to assign columns width, subject to the fields limits of the section.

The "Invoices" tab shows available invoice(s), pertaining to the selected order.

You may also create a new invoice for an item by pressing the [Invoice for all Selected] button, on the "Orders" section toolbar.

Magento Store Manager Invoices Tab

The "Credit Memos" tab displays the list of available credit memos.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Credit Memos

On the "Shipments and Tracking" tab, select the field, during Invoice creation, to add the shipment to the selected order .

Magento Store Manager Edit Order  Create Shipments for Selected Orders

If you want to add a tracking number to an order in the "Invoice" form, select the field "Create Shipment". Then you'll have the possibility to press the button to specify a necessary number.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order  Create Shipment

The "Comments History" tab holds the information on the order's actual status and any comment, or comments, related to the selected order. If the "Customer notified" box is marked by a tick, the message will be sent to the customer's e-mail.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order  Comment History

On the "Details" tab of the "Orders" section you can see the information box about shipping, handling and payment details.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order  Details Tab

To change data, press the corresponding button on the top. In the "Edit Order Payment" form choose the required payment method from the drop-down list and fill the rest of the fields:

Magento Store Manager Edit Payment Information

To preview the list of all available payment methods and choose the one you need, click the [Payment Methods] button from the top toolbar and open the drop-down menu. In addition, you can add new payment method to the list, change the existing ones and erase selected from the whole list by using the following buttons on the top panel:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Payment Methods

In the right lower corner of the "Details" tab, you can see the customers information data such as:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Customer Details
  • "Account Information" - the main account details (name, email address, the group, to which current customer belongs, date of birth and so on)

  • "Billing Address" and "Shipping Address" - customer's billing and shipping address details. The billing address should contain the main data for customer's credit card verification, or other payment method information. The shipping address means the place (address), where your customer wants ordered products to be delivered. Customer's shipping and billing address can be identical or can be different as well.

To make some change in these data press the corresponding button in the top toolbar and select the required tab in the form, which appears.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order

If your customer specifies few addresses for billing and shipment, you can select the necessary one among available by clicking the arrow in front of the upper tabs:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Customer Information

You can switch between customers data by using the "Select Customer" option. Search form will help you to find the customer you are looking for.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Select Customer

Then you will receive this confirmation message:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Select Customer Pop Up

If you choose [Yes], your current customer's address data will be changed to the data of customer you have selected in the search form. Pressing [No] to leave current address details without changes.

This area in "Orders" section gives the opportunity to go directly to the necessary customer on Customers page of Store Manager, if necessary. To do so click the corresponding button on the top toolbar panel.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Go to Customer Button

Edit Order Details in a Bulk

To edit payment details, choose "Multi Editors" on the toolbar, or use the pop-up context menu, accessed by right-click.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Multi Editor

Information available for editing includes the payment method, "Description", and order "Amount":

Magento Store Manager Order Payment MultiEditor Tab

You may choose a payment method, for the selected order, from the pop-up menu. Don't forget to check "Update" field, to save the performed action.

To edit the Order Details of the selected records, use the "Order Details Multi Editor" option:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Odred Details MultiEditor

You will see a form that is rather similar to the form for editing a single order. But in front of each field is checkbox "Update". Select these fields, if you want them to be updated after Multi Editor process is executed.

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Order Detail MultiEditor

Do not forget to click on the [OK] button to keep your recent changes.

You are able to transfer order details separately to files of such formats as XML, Excel, HTML and CSV by using the relevant option on the top toolbar:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Export Orders

Send Email

You can send the message to the email address you have prescribed in the SMTP settings details directly from the Orders page.

Use "Orders" top toolbar or context menu to find the necessary command.

Magento Store Manager Send Email Tab

In the form for mailing choose the template you want to use in your message and specify its subject and name in the corresponding fields. You can make the correction in the template content by using the edit as HTML option.

Magento Store Manager Quick Email Tab

You can add additional information related to the orders, by using the "Attachment" sector. The [Add] button helps to upload the file directly to the "Quick Email" form.

Magento Store Manager Add Atachments

To preview the completed message use the option in the toolbar:

Magento Store Manager Preview Email

[Send Email] transfers the message to the email address(es) which is/are checked above:

Magento Store Manager Send Email To Customer

If you have any questions, or suggestions regarding order editing, or other Order management issues in Store Manager for Magento, please contact our support team.