Install Store Manager Connector for Magento versions 2.3 and above

Manual Installation

Manual installation of Store Manager Bridge Connector includes the following steps:

1. Download Core and Connector modules (if you are updating the Bridge Connector ver.2.3 and higher you already have the Core module installed. So, you only need to download Connector module).

2. Install Core and Connector modules.

3. Enable Store Manager Bridge Connector in your Magento store admin.

1. Download Core Module and Connector module

You can download the Core module by using direct link or from the PHP Package Repository.

To download the the latest version of Connector module use the direct link or find it on Magento Marketplace.

How to download Connector module from Magento marketplace

Write "Store Manager Bridge Connector" in the Search field and press [Enter]:

The module is free, but you have to sign in to your Magento account to be able to add it to your cart and download on your PC. Add the module to your cart and click “Proceed to Checkout”:

Go to your Magento account and find the ordered module in the "My Purchases" section. Press [Download] to save the file with the module locally:

2. Install Core and Connector modules

1. From unzipped file, copy the contents from the Core folder to:

<your store folder>/app/code/Emagicone/Core

If you don't have the folder app/code/Emagicone/Core you should create it.

2. Run Command Line Interface (CLI). Go to Magento root folder and run the upgrade command to install eMagicOne Core module:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

3. Copy the contents from the Connector folder to:

 <your store folder>/app/code/Emagicone/Connector 

If you don't have the folder app/code/Emagicone/Connector, you should create it.

4. Go to Magento root folder, then run the upgrade and compile command to install eMagicOne Connector module:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:di:compile

3. Enable Store Manager Bridge Connector in your Magento store admin

Log into the admin panel and set “Yes” next to the “Enabled” status. You will find the module in the Dashboard sections list:

Attention! We strongly recommended replacing (changing) default username and password on your own because of security reasons!

In the Access Settings of the Connector, specify your own values instead of the default ones (the default password and login are '1'):

You can also change some additional settings for Magento Store Manager Connector:

  • Specify package size – the size of parts for getting a dump file.
  • Exclude some tables (use this to reduce the size of the data retrieved from the module).

When you are done, click the [Save Config] button.