9.6. Related Products Generator

fmRelatedProdGenerator , fmRelatedProdRuleEdit

Related Products Generator is the possibility to generate related products, upsells, cross-sells for each item in your store's cataog at once.

Related Products Generator option


If you used Related Product Generator in the older versions of Store Manager, after you launch it in the new version 3.28.0 (Build: 2411), you will see the following message:

Press [Yes] to delete old configurations and start configuring new ones because old configurations are not supported.

Press [Back] to leave the generator and do not delete old configurations.


  • Related products are products that are similar in characteristics but some of their features differ, and can be purchased in addition. You can find more information on this type of products on the online documentation page
  • Upsells are products, which are similar to the viewing one, but have better features or characteristics and can be purchased instead of the initial variant. Visit this page to get acquainted with this type of product in more detail.
  • Cross-Sells are positions of items, which appear when the main product is added to the cart and looks like the block of the offers to prompt the customer to make an extra purchase. See this page to get detailed information on this type of products.

To build relations to products, follow the corresponding step-by-step instruction:

Create new configuration

To start the generation process, use the [Add Configuration] button to create a new configuration.

It opens the form with two tabs - "General Settings" and "Attributes Filter."

The first tab is divided into two panes - "General Settings" and "Limits and Sorting"

The "General Settings" pane consists of basic settings details, i.e.:

  • "Name*" - clarify the name of the configuration there
  • "Relation type*" - indicate which product’s relation type a certain configuration belongs to: "Related", "Up-Sell", "Cross Sell"
  • "Store View*" - specify the store view that changes will be related to

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

The "Limits and Sorting" pane consists of the following fields:

  • "Link no more than" - indicate the number of matching products to be displayed in results
  • "Operation" - select the operation to perform: "Remove old links, add new", "Keep old links, add new (no duplicates)"
  • "Sort type" - choose how to sort the results: "By date (last created)", "By price (from high to low)", "Randomize"

In the "Attributes Filter" tab there are the following optins:

  • [Add "OR" Group] - displays a record if any of the conditions separated by OR is TRUE.
  • "Select Condition type" - select if this attribete is created to a product or categorie.
  • [Add "AND" line] - displays a record if all the conditions separated by AND are TRUE.

For instance, as shown in the picture below, products will be filtered regarding the conditions indicated in two groups. In the results, you will see the simple products in the selected categorie that are white; and the configurable products in the selected 2 categories.

The [Save & Apply] button allows saving current configuration to the list and applying it at the same time.

The [Save filter] button allows adding the current configuration settings to the list.

Choose an action you need and close the form.

You should see the configuration list on the left.

To apply the filter, press the option opposite each position.

Add conditions to configuration

The lower part of the "Related Products Generator" page is the "Linked products filter" pane. It is used to set conditions on how to select up-sell, cross-sell, related products that will be linked to the products filtered beefore.

< - Press this button to add a new condition.

After pressing the [Add Condition] button, the following form will appear:

Select the necessary conditions, and press [Save & Find] to save current condition and find products.

After the process is completed, you will see the result window.

Press [Close] afterwards.

You should see the results of filtering. In the right pane, there are two tabs. "Products Found" shows all products that fell under the specified conditions.

After the process is completed, you will see the following window.

"Current Relations of Product" shows products filtered for the selected product.

If you have faced with some difficulties or need any help regarding Related Products Generator, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with necessary information and assistance.