9.6. Related Products Generator

mRelatedProdGenerator , fmRelatedProdRuleEdit

Related Products Generator is a tool that allows you to generate related products, upsells, and cross-sells for multiple products at once.

Follow the step-by-step instruction to generate different types of related products massively.

Related Products Generator option

What different types of product relations mean

  • Related products are similar to the product that the customer is viewing, but some of their features differ. It can be purchased in addition. Read more about related products.

  • Upsells are products that are similar to the one that is viewed, but have better features or characteristics and can be purchased instead of the initial variant. Read more about upsells.

  • Cross-Sells are products that appear when the main product is added to the cart. Cross-sells are displayed as a block of offers to prompt the customer make an extra purchase. Read more about cross-sells.

Create new configuration

To start the generation process, press the [Add Configuration] button.

It opens the form with two tabs - "General Settings" and "Attributes Filter."

Configure the settings in the "General Settings" tab:

  • Name* - enter the name of the configuration.

  • Relation type* - indicate the type of relation for the current configuration belongs (Related, Up-Sell, Cross-Sell).

      • Reverse relations - Select the check box if you want to link products between each other. Leave the option unchecked if you want to only link related products to the "main" products.

  • Store View* - specify the store view to which that changes will be applied.

  • Select no more than - set a limit to the number of products that will be displayed in the filter results.

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Move on and configure the settings in the "Limits and Sorting" section:

  • Link no more than - indicate the number of matching products to be displayed in the results.

      • Apply also for "Reverse relations" - Select the check box to apply the limit to the reversed products.

  • Operation - select the operation to perform: "Remove old links, add new", "Keep old links, add new (no duplicates)"

  • Sort type - choose how to sort the results: "By date (last created)", "By price (from high to low)", "Randomize"

Next switch to the "Attributes Filter" tab. Here, specify conditions to select the products to which related products will be linked.

You can set conditions based on categories or product attributes:

To add additional conditions and narrow the search, press the [Add "AND" line] button.

To add a group of alternative conditions, press the [Add "OR" Group] button.


According to the settings specified in the picture below, in the results, you will see white simple products from the selected category (first group of conditions); and/or configurable products from 2 selected categories (the OR group).

By pressing [Save & Apply] you will save current configuration to the list and apply it instantly. Matching products will be displayed in the right pane:

By pressing [Save filter] you add current configuration to the list (you can apply the filter later by pressing the Filter icon next to the configuration name.)

Linked Products Filter

Now you need to set conditions for the linked products (the products that will be displayed as related to the product selected/viewed by the customer).

To set conditions for linked products, press the [Add Condition] button.

In the open window, set conditions to filter linked products (similar to filtering main products.)

Select further action: [Save&Apply] or [Save Filter].

Products matching the conditions will be displayed in the lower right pane in the "Products Found tab:

The second tab "Current Relations of Product" shows products related to the selected "main" product:

To apply the relations between "main" and "linked products", press [Apply to all products]:

If you faced some difficulties or need help regarding Related Products Generator, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with necessary information and assistance.