1. Basic Operations (Add, Edit, Delete...)

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Basic operations may be quickly accessed via the Products toolbar:

Products toolbar

Alternately, you may use a Context Menu (available by right-clicking the mouse over the relevant topic, or selection):

Product context menu

Operations that are available via the menus include:

1. Navigation buttons - Refresh Data, Next product, Previous product

Refresh Data which forces a product list update. Refresh data after you've changed your connection, or have any doubts that you are viewing the latest updated data.

Previous product - locates previously edited/selected product, no matter if it is in same or different category, store view, store.

Next Product - locates next product, available only if you used previous button at least one time.

2. Add Product displays the general product settings window.

Be sure to specify your Attribute set and Product Type first. Select either your Custom Attribute Set or the Default Attribute Set, which will determine what product fields to which you will have access tor data entry.

Add product button

Clicking OK will save your entry, and open a blank Edit Product window. Or click 'Cancel', to discard your changes and exit.

The Edit Product dialog pages provide options for editing previously entered data:

3. To open the Edit Product dialog, select it from the Menu or click on the Edit Product button.

Your currently selected product will be displayed in an appropriate edit form.

4. To delete selected product(s) from your store, use the delete button.

Be careful, when selecting this option, as you won't be able to undo any actions taken here, except through a data restore from a backup source.

5.'Clear product details' allows deleting some aspects of the product's details, without actually deleting the entire product.

Clear product details

6. The product's type can be changed by choosing the appropriate selection in the 'Product Type' toolbar.

7. To change product's attribute set, click on the ' Change Product Attribute Set'' button in the toolbar:

8. The Assign Categories button allows you to assign appropriate categories for products that you've selected, in your store.

In the window that will appear, select the corresponding check-boxes for the categories to which you want to assign your product(s), and press 'OK'.

9. If your store has several websites with different views (such as an English version, Russian version, etc.), in addition to the Default view, you may specify which Store(s) will display which product(s).

Press the 'Assign Websites' button in the product's toolbar, and select the Website(s) to which you wish to assign your product(s).

10. The 'Show Parent Products' button, on the 'Product Page's top toolbar, will display a list of Parent products.

A Parent can be any complex product, including Magento Configurable product. An example would be a Sunglasses (Parent), with attributes, such as colors (Children).

Show parent product

Other examples could include a bundled product, such as a PC (Parent), with its sub-components, consisting of a Motherboard, Hard Drive, Memory, etc., being its Children.

You can use filter parameter and get only parent items displayed on the same product page:

Show parent items checkbox

11. To Adjust column widths, select the appropriate icon (see below), or use the 'Column Auto Width' option.

12. Other options allow you to export products to Microsoft EXCEL, view the product page, or admin, by selecting the relevant option.

In the product grid you can easy preview the images to the products just scrolling up and down on the product page and if you need to zoom some specific image, you simply need to move the mouse cursor over it:

Images preview in product grid

To preview all images which are assigned to the particular product choose the 'Image Gallery' of the lower product tabs and find the appropriate option on the toolbar:

Preview image option

It displays all image gallery of the selected product in the row below to be able to preview, edit, delete, download current image to the local drive or view image from the gallery separately:

Preview images toolbar

You can put a tick next to the necessary positions and indicate the appropriate media as a base, small image and as a thumbnail.

It is possible to add images to the multiple selected products through the mechanism 'drag-and-drop' or using the option - 'Add images to the selected products':

Add images to multiple products

In addition, using the same technique of 'drag-and-drop' you can easily assign and move selected products to the desired category.

In the following form which appears you should determine your next step:

- whether simply assign items to the selected category, but not transfer them to it;

- or move products to the category and assign them to it;

- or transfer these products to the category without their assignation.

Drag and drop products

Press 'OK' to perform an action.

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