18.2. Import Cart Price Rules


Open [Import/Export] to see the list of wizards. Select the relevant one:

Magento Store Manager Import/Export Cart Price Rules

On the "Welcome" page, choose [Import] to start the process.

Magento Store Manager Import Cart Price Rules Wizard

Proceed with the process and specify a full path to a source file:

Magento Store Manager Set Import File Name

The "Use Configuration" area serves for involving a presaved configuration into the current process. All selected columns, delimiters and other settings details will be restored by activating configuration from the wizard list or externally:

Magento Store Manager Load Saved Configuration for Import

On the following step you can select delimiter character that will be used for fields data separation:

Magento Store Manager Preview .csv File

Leave the fields as they are and press the [Next >] button to continue. Choose the store that you want the changes to reflect in.

Magento Store Manager Select Store View for Import

On the "Assign .csv file columns to database fields" step you should assign the fields that need to be imported with the appropriate columns of the import file.

Use the Auto mode to link fields. For this, press the [Auto link all] button.

Choose a field you want to assign in the left pane and double click on the relevant column in the right pane.

A value in the "csv col" field is the field number in an import file.

Magento Store Manager Assign .csv File Columns to Database Fields

Note: only assigned data will be transferred.

To be able to move to the next step, choose an identification method - "Rule ID" or "Rule Name".

Magento Store Manager Select Cart Rules Identification Method

You can preview the data that is ready for import in the following stage of the import:

Magento Store Manager Preview Import

The next step displays preimport tasks list and import methods. You should select necessary check boxes before launching the import process:

Magento Store Manager Set Import Options

You are able to save the current configuration with all delimiters, assigned fields and other setting details. It can be easily restored during the future import process and facilitate during import:

Magento Store Manager Save Import Configuration

Start import after pressing the [Import] button.

The summary will be reflected on the final step of the import.

The [Save Report] button helps to keep the import details in the report document. This helps to monitor the main details of the process or errors, if any.

Magento Store Manager Save Import Report

Press [Finish] to close the wizard.