4.2 Export Abandoned Carts




To launch the process of exporting the Abandoned Carts activate the option in the top menu-bar of Store Manager or in the top toolbar of the Shopping Cart section of the program as well:

On the Welcome page activate an action to proceed:

choose 'Export' action

Specify the file destination on the second step of the export or use the browse button to find necessary location:

Export File Name

‘Use Configuration’ area serves for uploading the pre-saved export settings. It is facilitates the passing through the export steps. You are able to use the internal wizard list of configurations or launch the configuration from the

separate file:

Use embedded list

‘Load Settings’ button contains an arrow option which opens the list with the extra commands:

Load Settings list
    1. Load Settings - upload configuration from a file;
    2. Delete selected config - remove the configuration selected on the left;
    3. Clear config list - clear the whole list at once.

The next stage displays the variants of the data which can be exported. Check the one from the proposed list:

Select customers to export

After pressing ‘Next’ button you can see the delimiter characters which can be used for fields data separation represented in the drop-down list

Choose the most suitable one.

Take a note, quote string values field should be checked, in other case the data can be transferred to a file incorrectly.

Select Fields Delimiter step

‘Select fields to export’ step - choose the field from the left pane and drag and drop it to the right. To manipulate the data location use the ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ options in the middle:

Options in the middle

Once the exported data list is formed use the ‘Next’ button to move ahead.

Indicate after export action from the proposed list - mark with the tick the appropriate variant:

After export actions

Save the export settings details directly to the wizard list or to a separate file by using the following options:

Save Configuration list

To clear list from the selected configuration press the button as you can see in the screenshot below:

Delete selected config action

Click on the 'Export' option to start the process of the transferring.

The wizard will be automatically closed once the export is completed.

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