3.7.8. Upsells

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Upsells for any product are items that you may suggest to your customers to purchase, instead of the product they’re viewing. They might be of better quality, produce a higher profit margin, be more popular, etc.

These appear on the product info page.

Up-sells tab

As an example, listed below is a Store Manager, Standard Edition, Primary License for Magento. Instead, you may suggest the Professional Edition, Primary License, which, while a more expensive version of our product, has greater capabilities and opportunities. Add the product to Up-Sells, by pressing the button in the tab's toolbar:

Add Up-Sells product

In the result search form which appears, find the required item, and press [OK], to select it.

Find up-sells product

If you would like to edit, or make changes, use the editing button on the toolbar of the "Upsells" tab:

Edit Up-sells

The editor will open the form, with the information about the selected "up-sells" product, in edit mode, where you can make the necessary adjustments, and click on the [OK] button to save them.

In the top toolbar of the current tab, you can find and use also Fast Custom Filter tool which creates the filter parameter by the selected positions. Such products you can see after choosing the appropriate parameter in the Filter drop-down list in the Products page:

Create Fast Custom Filter

Check the video tutorial attached below to see how this type of items could be added in practice:

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