3.1.1. Clear Product Details


There are many options available to manage your products with Store Manager. You can edit or clear certain data on the Sore Manager Products Page.

To clear product details select necessary product, which data you want to clear, and call context with right-click. Then choose "Clear Product Details" from the list.

Clear Product Details

From the list, which appears, select all fields related to the data that you want to clear, and press [OK].

Clear Product Details options

Options available in the "Clear Product Details" form's toolbar include:

  1. [Select All] all desired actions may be selected with one mouse click.

  2. [Clear Selection] will cancel any previously selected action(s).

  3. [Invert Selection] makes possible to invert product's fields.

To apply your selecting click [OK]. The following message will appear, allowing you to specify whether to retain, or discard, the associated images:

Choose images action

The options, within the message dialog, will allow you to confirm whether you want to:

  • Delete selected product's data, along with their associated images - [Yes and erase images]

  • Clear the product's data, but leave the associated images intact - [Yes and keep images]

  • Cancel the operation - [Cancel]

Be very careful when selecting these actions, as they are not reversible!