15. Update price values for multiple items at once


Multi Editor

Open Store Manager and select the items you need to update. Use the column headings filter tool to get the required data one-after-one.

Column headings filter tool

Select all and press 'Multi Editor' button - open the form where you can find the fields relate to the price position.

Product MultiEditor

Change the price value, by using the appropriate field in 'Product details' and 'Advanced Pricing' tabs.

To change the price on the fixed value just need to specify it in such fields and do not forget to check 'Update' checkbox before launching the modification.

Set fixed price value

To update pricing on different values use the Expression Editor tool .

For example, let's reduce the price value for items by 8% compared with the base price (100% - 8% = 92% or 0.92)

Set the following formula for the Price value field:


Reduce price formula

In addition, you can set the special price for selected product positions. Let's assume, the special price should be on 20% less than the basic price (t100%-20%=80% or 0.8).

The following formula will help to archive the necessary result:


Special price formula

Possessing the necessary SQL skills and creating the correct formula you can set the different price values in just a few clicks via Multi Editor tool.

Please use option to test formulas in the Editor form below:

Execute formula button

Import Wizard

The Import Wizard helps to update the existing price values based on the data from the import file. Just link the price columns from a file with the corresponding fields of the store database.

Import options

Take into account, only the linked fields will be changed (modified) after importing!

For example, we have the file with the price values which need to be updated in the store.

File with price value

After launching the import wizard pass through all import steps. On the linking page assign the columns related to the price parameter to the appropriate fields from your store database:

Link price fields

Make sure you have chosen the identifier by which the Store Manager will recognize the importing data.

Product identifiers list

Complete the import, passing the rest of the steps and clicking on the 'Finish' button on the final stage of the wizard.

The new price parameters will be transferred from a file to the store database or the existing price values will be updated to the new ones as well.

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