Copy/Paste/Delete Selected Tier Prices (Enterprise Edition)

This options are available in the new released version of Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento only!


Select the product and open the "Tier Price" tab in the lower grid. You will see the following action in the tab’s toolbar:

Magento Store Manager Copy Selected Tier Price

Make sure you have selected all required tier price positions of the product before pressing the option above. Then, choose the product which the tier price(s) will be inserted in from the Products page of Store Manager and call the context menu. Choose Tier Price -> Paste Selected:

Magento Store Manager Paste Selected Tier Price

Indicate the further action from the pop-up form:

Magento Store Manager Choose Paste Option

Once the inserting is completed you will see the pop-up message as represented below:

Magento Store Manager Paste Tier Price Process Window

In addition, choose an action to remove selected tier price values from the product details:

Magento Store Manager Delete Selected Tier Price