1.6. FTP, SFTP, FTPS or FTPES Connection

fmPreferences - FTP Connection

This section describes how to set up FTP connection to be able to upload and preview images using Store Manager for Magento.

FTP connection is not required, you may skip it. FTP is used for images - downloading and uploading images for products, categories and manufacturers.

If there is no valid FTP connection specified, you will not be able to view images and upload them to your server.

See an example of properly configured FTP below:

Set FTP Setting

FTP settings:

  • "Server address" - IP address or domain name of FTP server. Do not use any prefixes or suffixes there, just simple name or IP.

  • "FTP username" and "FTP password". Specify login information. If you do not know your access details, please contact your Hosting Company and request details.

  • It is recommended to select "Use passive mode".

  • "Store root directory" - default directory, that contains all files of your store (shopping cart). To select your shopping cart root directory click on the browse button.

  • To make sure, that you have selected the correct folder, check if there are present such folders as app /etc /media, as well as all the other files and folders of your shopping cart inside.

Select Store Root Directory

Additional settings:

  • "Max FTP threads" - the number of threads allowed. Can be used if your Hosting Company has any limitations on the number of threads.

  • "Cache images" has to be enabled to cache images downloaded to Store Manager.

  • "Clear image cache" clears local images cache.

Note: FTP account (settings - login/password) used for images management must have rights to read/write appropriate directories otherwise FTP feature may not work properly.

Click the [Test Connection] button to verify whether all settings you have specified are correct. If everything is correct, you should see the following message:

Check FTP Connection

Depending on the type of a server, you can configure SFTP, FTPS or FTPES instead of the FTP connection.

SFTP can be configured with the password or Private key.

Set SFTP Connection

Note: the key should be in OpenSSH format. In other cases, you have to convert it with the PUTTYgen.

Starting from the ver. 2.27.3 (Build 1421) of Store Manager, you can choose required protocol version with the FTPS or FTPES connection:

Set FTPS/FTPES connection

The tutorial below helps getting more details on the main steps for configuring FTP connection properly: