1. Raw Table Editor

RawTablesEditForm - Raw Table Editor Form

If you are using Standard Edition of Store Manager for Magento, the Raw Table Editor section will be disabled.To use the features in this section, you will need to upgrade to our PRO Edition. Please click the following link, for additional information: http://www.mag-manager.com/store-manager-for-magento-plans-and-pricing

This section was created to facilitate working directly with the database tables, and fields.

Raw Teble Editor

The page displayed above contains 2 Master panes. The left pane displays a list of all tables that are available for editing in your Store. The contents of the individual Tables, selected from the list on the left, are displayed in a pane on the right, accessible via 3, individually select-able, tabs, some containing additionally select-able sub-tabs.

The Data tab displays all data stored in the selected table, displayed via columns, and cells.

The DDL tab displays the table's data structure, or metadata, via the use of a Data Definition Language (a formal language for describing data, or information structures, within.a Database). The DDL typically consists of a subset of SQL instructions.

The Fields tab displays the data within the table, via the use of fields.

If more than one table is simultaneously selected, the content of each table will be displayed in separate tabs. Regardless of what tables are selected, there are some general export options that are commonly available within Store Manager, including the 'Export to Excel / HTML', and the 'Edit-as-HTML' options. The 'Edit as HTML' option is active within the Data tab of the table selected. It subsequently opens the HTML Editor, facilitating the editing of text within the table, and allowing for easier viewing cell contents.

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