5.6. How to Create and Assign Additional Attribute to the Product


For example, if you have an extensive system of supply and cooperate with many suppliers, to coordinate product flow you can consolidate certain products by the appropriate suppliers. Accordingly, when the product has been ordered, you can automatically see which supplier is associated with such item.

Since the default attributes set, as well as additional attributes list, don't anticipate the attribute "Supplier" availability we will consider an example of how to add to the list the "Supplier" attribute and assign it to the relevant products by using the capabilities of Store Manager.

  1. Open the "Attributes" section of Store Manager. Create a new position in the "Unassigned Attributes" pane:

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Add Attribute

2. In the options tab, which appears if you choose "Dropdown" attribute type, specify the names of suppliers one-by-one:

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Manage Options

When your list is completed, press the [OK] button to save all entries and close the "Edit Attribute" form.

3. Drag-and-drop newly-created record to the Default Attribute Sets, for example, into the Attributes group:

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Drag and Drop Attribute

4. Now you can see attribute in the Default Attribute Sets among the other positions.

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Preview Attribute

5. Back to the Products page of Store Manager, select the item with the Default attribute sets name and press [Edit] button in the top toolbar:

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Edit Product

To speed up the process of assignment, use the "Multi Editor" option of Store Manager.

6. Choose products associated with the similar supplier and select Product Multi-Editor.

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Multi Editor

7. Adhere to the particular manual to create and assign as many additional attributes as you need.

Take a note, regarding display of additional attributes in the products grid, only attributes with the "Text" type can be selected (except attribute "Manufacturer") and only up to 20 attribute positions can be shown in the products page of Store Manager at once.

Magento Store Manager Product Attribute Show Additional Attribute in Product Grid

More details on Additional attributes and possibility to add them to the product grid you can find in our useful article:

How to Include Additional Attributes to Magento Product Grid

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