12. Export Configurable Items with Simple Ones on eBay

From the latest update of Store Manager, the configurable items with simple ones can be exported on eBay with eBay Integration Addon.

Select configurable products you want to transfer and launch the eBay wizard tool with the right-click.

Select configurable

Note: if you choose the category with configurable and simple products, which are not assigned to the selected configurable product(s), the addon will export these products as separate positions, without committing to any configurable item.

In case you select simple items without configurable product, these products will be displayed as simple ones on eBay. They will not be visible as associated products of configurable ones.

Choose an action on the "Welcome" page and login to your eBay account to be able to proceed.

Signed in to eBay

Select the necessary eBay category with the browse [↓] button that matches products that are exporting. Pay attention to colored category. Root categories of eBay are grayed out. To be able to select necessary positions, you should expand them first.

Mapping categories on the Map step

The following step allows to specify condition of exporting item from the options in the drop-down list.

Select item specifics step

"Items Specifics" in the right pane covers some data for the mapped eBay category(ies) as the additional information on the product (especially take into account the fields with the asterisks, as they are mandatory):

Select value from eBay

< - Pull data from the eBay existing parameters by using this option.

Value from database

< - Press this button to select the relevant field value from your store database.

In case some additional specifics that are not listed in the right pane need to be added, press the button in the top right corner:

Add own item specifics

In the "Add New Item Specific", specify name and specifics value. These details will be shown on the eBay product page in a separate informational box:

Item specifics on eBay

When you reach the step "eBay Listing Options", pay attention to the price type. By default, there are the following types of price:

  • The "Online Auction" price is established for separate products without variations and couldn’t be applied to the complex type of items.
  • "Fixed Price" covers the base price of a main product and has an impact on price values of associated elements.
Select price type step

You should choose the "Fixed Price" type to export configurable product with associated ones properly.

To proceed with an export process, fill in fields on each tab. Then press the [Export] button to start transferring.

Preview export data step

The last window displays the summary of the process with the direct link to the product on eBay. Configurable products will look like this:

Exported product on eBay

If you need any assistance, contact us and we will gladly provide you with necessary information.