2. Customer Search

fmFastCustomersSearch - Customer Search Form

You may perform a Customer search based upon the Customer's name, or upon the Customer's e-mail address.

Find option in Customers section

Click on the 'Find' button and the Search form will display, similar to that shown below:

Find customer form

Typing a few letters of the Customer's name, or e-mail address, in the 'Text to search' field, will display a list of Customers, that will match your valid specified search criteria.

You may wish to limit the number of results rows to display, which will speed up the search ('Number of rows to display' field).

If the product you're looking for is not listed in the search results, please try specifying a greater number of results rows, and again click on the 'Find' button.

If you double-click on any product in the search results, Store Manager will take you to the resulting Category page, with the specified product highlighted within the product list.

Selecting the relevant option, in the top search menu, will allow editing of a specific Customer's data. Press the button for editing, and an Edit form will be displayed, allowing you to make the required changes.

Edit customer form
Remove Customer button

To remove the Customer from the Customer List, click on the button.

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