Products Management for MAC

The "Store" sector of Magento Store Manager for MAC is represented by the following:

Products list

The products of the store are shown in the left side of the Store Manager (1) . The information on product name, description, assigned attributes, price etc you can preview in the appropriate columns of the listing (2).

The detailed information on each product position is provided in the corresponding lower tabs (3).

Lower Tabs

By switching on the tabs you can find or edit the data on:

Lower products grid
  • The main products details (product name, SKU, price, quantity, visibility etc),
    • SEO (URL key, Meta title/description),
    • Special price values in Advanced Pricing tab,
    • Images and videos tab ( preview images and determine their positions on the Product page),
    • Description (preview and edit the description's content by using the HTML editor tool),
    • Categories (assign product to the appropriate category (ies) of the store),
    • Websites (associate product with the corresponding store(s)) etc.

Using the arrows within the tabs bar you can scroll through the tabs list and choose the necessary one.

Arrows scroll through

The full list of all tabs with the data is available by navigating the cursor to the "three dots" sign.

To hide the lower product grid, press an arrow, which you can see in the illustration below:

Top Toolbar's Options

By using the top toolbar you can perform the following operations with the products:

    1. Add a new product

2. Delete a product

3. Select the attributes - filters products by the attributes positions which are chosen from a list

Product select attributes

4. "Bulk Actions" allows performing the necessary operation with the multi-products at once. Such feature will be available soon.

Products Bulk Actions

5. Option for restoring/backup database launches the Backup/Restore Wizard

Backup/Restore options

6. The "Search" row serves to find a specific product position by the information specified in the upper search field

Search option

7. Columns for Preview. You can select which columns of product details will be available in Products list.

Columns for Preview

To switch on/off the options from the top toolbar click the appropriate button illustrated below:

Switch on/off option from the top toolbar

Contact us in case you have any questions while using Magento Store Manager for MAC and we will gladly assist you!