5.2. Export Product Attribute Sets


The Export Product Attribute Sets wizard will help in exporting your Magento Attribute Sets to a comma-separated values file (.csv), which subsequently may easily be opened in MS Excel, or other compatible applications, for detailed analysis, or management.

Import/Export Button

To begin, click this button, which will call the Import/Export Section and choose Import/Export Product Attribute Sets option. The Export Product Attribute Sets wizard is similar to the Categories Import/Export Wizard . To export Magento attributes, perform the following steps:

  1. Select [Export], and click the [Next >] button, to continue.

Export Wizard

2. Store Manager facilitates exporting Magento product attribute sets to a .csv file. The file name may be entered directly, or select [...] to browse for the correct file(s). You may also load, or save your export settings (configuration), to facilitate future exporting of Magento attributes.

Select Export File Name

3. The following page presents a number of general Magento attributes export options.

Select Attribute Set to Export
      • For Attribute sets that you'd like to export: The All Attribute sets option will export all Magento attribute sets that are in your Store. You may also export only filtered attribute sets. Restated, you may filter attribute sets according to your needs and requirements, optionally exporting them into a .csv file.

4. The Fields Delimiter page has a number of important settings. Be sure to check, and verify them, to ensure proper configuration.

Select Fields Delimeter and Quote Character
      • The first option presented allows for the selection of the delimiter character. The most popular delimiters are the comma (,), semicolon (;) and the tab character ( ), however, other symbols may be used, as well.

      • An Export file is usually generated, to facilitate further possible operations, such as import. If during import, an incorrect delimiter has been specified, the file will not be parsed properly, and products will not be imported, at least not correctly. The next option is to specify the quote string values, which are used to separate strings in the .csv file.

      • The Set and Group delimiter(s) is not a native .csv setting; and is used only in, and by, Store Manager. It is used to separate attribute sets, and groups, if an attribute set is assigned to more than one group.

5. The next screen allows for the previewing, and validation, of the resultant Products Attribute Set export file, before proceeding further.

Preview Export

The final dialog allows for the specification of the action(s) to perform, after saving the export data. Select the "None" option, and the Wizard will be immediately closed. If you wish to open a directory containing displaying the result files, choose [Save Settings] to file. The "Open result file" option will open the export file in Microsoft Excel. You may also Save Export Settings, for subsequent operations, or to facilitate further export processes, that may require only minimal configuration changes to those in a previously saved file.

Save Configuration

Pressing the [Export] button will begin the actual export process. Again, you may save your Export Settings, for future possible reuse, or you may optionally specify a new configuration.