7.7.1. Custom Store Diagnostics (Enterprise Edition)


The Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento represents the additional types of Store Diagnostics along with the "Missing Product Images", "Images that are not linked to any products", "Products not assigned to any category", "Products without any image", as follows:

Store Diagnostics types
  • "Missing meta titles and meta descriptions" - the search via Google for the best options with the help of specified metadata. Current type of Diagnostics helps to find positions with missing metadata to be able to add them to the products and improve the search engine capacity at the store.
Missing Meta titles
  • "Duplicate meta titles or meta descriptions" performs to make information in metadata unique. Such process shows the duplicated variants in titles and descriptions of the products metadata. Once it is completed, you can change them, so that they could differ from each other.
Duplicate meta titles and description
  • "Meta title or meta description length is out of range" - make sure the titles and text in meta fields' description are within the limits set. So the content of meta description may contain from 50 to 156 symbols and in meta-names(titles) - 15-69 characters in accordance. Current Diagnostics type detects such positions with their subsequent corrections or removal.
Meta titles out of ranges
  • "HTML tags in meta title or meta description diagnostics" recognizes the tags occurred in meta-description and meta-titles in order to correct them.
  • "External URLs in description" - the presence of the external URL paths in product descriptions lead to positions from other sites in the searched data. As a result, the rating of your store will reduce in the global search engine. Performing such diagnostics you will be able to identify and correct such URLs (use the following tips: add "nofollow" to the path or remove "href" from the URL).
  • In order to avoid duplication in Media Gallery, it is enough to select one picture and check as the main, small and thumbnail view. When you find the duplicated images at your store with the "Duplicated pictures in media gallery" type of Diagnostics, you can perform the recommended action to fix this directly in the current sector.
  • "Invisible Products (URL is not correct)" detects the products that are not display on the store. Performs a full scanning of product details to find any blank fields or incorrect data filling in URLs.
Invisible Product Type