4. Search Products

fmFastProductsSearch - Search Products

To perform products "Search" you can use products tool-bar or use products context menu.

Search button


You can perform Product Search in your store by product name, ID or SKU.

Search form

Product Search form has the following sections:

  1. Conditions.
Conditions section
    • Text to Search field - type a few letters of product's name or model and press "Find" button to see a list of products that match your request.
    • Select the attributes for search - choose from the drop-down list the required attributes which will be considered during searching.
    • Check the condition whether the specified text will be met in all fields' data or at least in one product field.

2. Search Options.

    • Any words option - when enabled, helps you to see a list of products that match your request while you're typing letters without pressing "Find" button. Note. Do not use this option if you have slow direct database connection!
    • 'All the words' option shows in Search Results the items which contain any of the entered words in the 'text to search' field above;
    • 'Number of rows to display' - You may wish to specify a smaller number of rows to display results, which speeds up the search. Unless the product you're looking for is listed in the search results, please specify greater number of rows and click find button.
    • Exact phrase - all the words in the order that you specified in the search field will be considered in the selection process;
    • Exact match search - shows products that match exactly to your test.
Search options

3. Results.

Store Manager will show you a list of products that match your request at "Results" section.

Results section

If you double-click on any product in the search results, Store Manager will take you to its category page and highlight searched product in product list. If you enable "Edit Product" option, Edit Product window will appear along with the regular results. You can also delete the products from the result list by pressing the appropriate button in the top toolbar.

Edit form from the Search

If necessary, you can create your own filter by the parameter you specified in the Text to Search field. Enter the words for searching and press the 'Filter' button at the bottom.

create new filter

The newly-created filter will be approachable among the other filter parameters in the main Product page.

Newly-created filter