3.6.1. Feed Generator

Feed Generator will help you to create feed files for the seamless upload to Google Merchant Center as well as marketplaces and other platforms.

To launch the tool, expand the Store Manager side menu, and under Import/Export click Feed Generator:

In the Feed Generator welcome window, you will see a list of available templates:

  • Google Merchant Feed

  • Other feed templates will be added shortly.

Note: If you need a feed for a specific marketplace, submit your request to contact@emagicone.com

You can perform the following actions over feed templates:

Activate — switch the slider to "ON" and make the selected template active (you can proceed with editing).

Clone —create a duplicate for the selected template under a new name.

Rename — enter a new name for the selected feed.

Delete — remove selected feed.

To begin export, select a template from the list and press [Next].

Steps to Generate a Feed File

  1. Specify the location to save your file to:

  • Local disk- select an existing or create a new local file.

  • Google spreadsheets - select an existing or create a new Google sheet.

  • Upload file via FTP.

2. Select the products to export:

  • All Products - entire catalog will be exported.

  • Selected Categories - when you switch to this option, the category tree displays, and you can check the categories to export products from.

  • Use Product Filter - select an existing product filter or create a new filter to export certain products.

  • Only selected products - export the records you have selected in the grid before launching the generator.

3. Category mapping (available in the Google Merchant Center feed export)

Click browse (...) next to the store category and select a matching category in the Google Merchant Center:

4. Fields Mapping . This window shows a list of fields in the feed and your store fields. Required feed fields are mapped automatically. To map optional fields, click an empty row and select a corresponding store field in the drop-down:

5. Feed Options.

Select an option for variations export:

  • Filtered simple products - Simple products, Virtual, Downloadable will be added to the feed.

  • Export variation as simple products - Simple, Virtual, Downloadable products and variations (child products) of the configurable products will be exported. Variations will be exported as simple products regardless of attributes and parent products.

  • Export variations with attributes - Simple products, Virtual, Downloadable, and variations (child products) of the configurable products will be exported. For variations, there will be columns with mapped attributes and the column [item_group_id] which adds variations to a group.

Specify units of dimensions for a specific marketplace:

  • Currency sign: USD,CAD,EUR.

  • Weight unit: oz, lb, mg, g, kg

  • Volume unit: ml, cl, l, cbm;

  • Distance unit: m,km

  • Dimension unit: cm,m

To generate the file, click [Process].