Configurable Products



Configurable Products allow your customers to select the variant they desire by choosing among the various options. For example, you want to sell T-shirts in two colors and three sizes. In this case, you would have to create six simple products as individual products (each with its own SKU) and then add these six products to a configurable product, so your customers could choose a size and a color of a product, and add it to their cart. Similar functionality is available by using Custom Options of Simple products, but in the case of Custom Option the inventory will not be checked or updated.

Creating a Configurable Product

There are a few steps involved in this process:

Create or Edit Attribute Set

Сreate attributes/attribute set for the current configurable product. In our example, it is Default Attribute set. Make sure that it contains global attributes with drop-down type to be used for product combinations. To see how to create an attribute set visit our attributes or attribute sets page.

Create/Edit Simple Products

After creating attribute/attribute set, create simple products that will be a part of a configurable product.

Make sure that they belong to the same attribute set that you've checked the first step.

NOTE: You cannot create simple products some other attribute set. You will not be able to select these products for your configurable product.

Create/Edit Magento Configurable Product

After creating all simple products, click on "Add Product" button or use a right button click on products and then select "Add Product". In the Product Type field select ‘Configurable Product’ for the T-shirt attribute set (for example).

Product types

This product should be created basing on the same attribute set as Simple products. In our example it is General.

Assign Simple Products to Magento Configurable Product


Now you have to assign simple products to the Magento configurable product via Associated products tab.

Associated Products

Click on the "Add associated product" button (first button on the toolbar) to add simple product to configurable product.

Here you can see all simple products that have the same attribute set as a Configurable product which was not added to this configurable product yet. You can select simple products to be added to configurable with unique

configurable attribute values.

Products marked with Red and with the line through them cannot be added as such combination of attribute values is already added to the configurable product. To add such product you need to go back to Associated tab and remove simple product with the same combination of attribute values.

To create the new product association to the appropriate configurable press the button from the toolbar:

Create associated products button

But you should note, if you want to create the associated products without specifying the configurable attributes, you will get the warning ribbon-notification as follows:

Warning notification during creating the associated products

So, to be able to create associated products to the particular configurable one, you should select the configurable attributes firstly, on which newly-created products will be generated.

Select Configurable Attributes


Click on “Select Configurable Attribute”, you’ll see all products associated to the current Attribute Set which has some options for the configurable attributes.

Select configurable attributes

Enable all attributes that should be used to create super attribute combinations.

Manage Super Product Attributes Configuration

Here you need to set price markup for product options and sort order in which product attributes will appear in your store.

Super product attribute

Display Magento Configurable Product

Now Magento configurable product is visible in your store. Your customers will be able to choose the appropriate size and color from the drop down and make a successful purchase.

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The next video tutorial demonstrates the basic steps of creation such product type: