6.4.1. Export Abandoned Products in Carts


To begin export, click the button which starts the Import/Export Wizard.

Export Abandoned Products in Carts

[Export Abandoned Products in Carts] calls the wizard form where you can see the appropriate action on the Welcome page. Press [Export] to start the process.

The following step contains information on the file destination. In the upper field indicate the path to the export file.

Use the browse button to find the necessary location on the disk driver system.

Export File Name

At the bottom of the form, you can upload previously saved export configuration, if any, from the wizard list directly or from a separate file:

Use Export Configuration

You can clear all configurations list at once by choosing the command from the drop-down list or delete only selected configuration with the relevant option below:

Delete export configuration

Select products you need to transfer by selecting the necessary option:

Select Abandoned Product in Carts

The next page leave without changes to get the default delimiter to separate the data of the fields in the result file.

Select Fields Delimeter and Quote Character

The "Select Fields to Export" step. Choose the field from the left and move it to the right to form the list of fields that will be exported. In order to perform this, use the options in the middle of the window:

Select Fields to Export

or the drag-and-drop method, i.e. select the field, drag and drop it to the right pane (see the illustration below):

Select Fields to Export by the drag-and-drop method

Note, only fields in the right side will be transferred to a file.

On the "Preview Export" step, you are able to see the products in a carts and the details which are ready for exporting.

Preview Export

Choose the command from the proposed list that will be completed after the export:

Choose after export action

To keep the settings of the current export process in the wizard’s configuration list, use the [Save Settings] button (do not forget to specify the name of the export configuration before):

Save Export Configuration

Use an arrow button to call the drop-down list with some extra commands:

    • "Save Settings to File" transfers export configuration

    • "Delete selected config" removes selected position from the configuration list

The "Finish" option runs the transferring data to the file specified on the second step of export process.

Finish export process

Once the export is completed you can close the wizard and continue working in Store Manager.