4.8. Gift Registry (Enterprise Edition)


This Gift Registry (available in Enterprise Edition) of Store Manager allows to create, and management of your Customers' gift registries, products which your Customers want to receive, possibly for a special event.

Select the Store's Gift Registry section, upon which you will see a list of all available registry types. Using the Gift Registry toolbar, you may perform the following actions:

  • Add a new registry type, by clicking the corresponding button in the top menu (fields "code" and "label" are required for filling)

  • Remove from an existing list, a selected registry type

  • Clone from previously created registries, and create new ones.

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry Tab

The lower part of this section allows for additional data to be added to the selected gift registry, including attributes, displayed as additional fields, which are subsequently made available for filling in, on the front-end of your Store.

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry Attributes

Note that some fields in this section are required, including those specifying the code, label, type (custom or static) and attribute group settings (event information, gift registry properties, privacy settings, recipients information).

Magento Store Manager Add Gift Registry

As an example, to create a registry type in Store Manager:

Press the [Add] button, and type in the following information, in the relevant fields:

  • Registry type code: angel_day

  • Label - event name: Angel Day

On the "Attributes" tab, add the following, additional information:

  • Event day: The confirmed date of the occasion

  • Event location: The country, where the occasion will be celebrated

  • Role: The role of the recipients the registry gift type will be sent to (If you expect a large number of guests at your celebration, for more convenient processing, you may divide them into familiar groups, such as "family", "friends" and/or, "coworkers", etc).

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry

These additionally created data fields will also be displayed on the front-end, for completion by Customers, during Gift Registry creation.

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry on the Front-end

Each customer may choose the special event day, add required items, and create a list of possible recipients. Products, which are added in the front-end to the Gift Registry, are subsequently displayed in the Customers section, on the Gift Registry tab.

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry General Information

Using the toolbar, you may go directly to the Product in the Gift list, or, optionally, remove the selected item from the list.

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry Go to Product

On the right, you will see important, general information, regarding the celebration, such as: event name, event date, website in which the occasion was created, and the person (Customer) who posted the event, as well as the date of its creation. You may also view the list of Customer recipients. Additionally, shipping addresses may be previewed, in the right lower area of the Gift Registry window.

Magento Store Manager Gift Registry

If you have Store Manager for Magento, Enterprise Edition, and need more assistance on this, or other features, please contact our Support Team, and we will gladly help you!