21. Include Additional Attributes to Magento Product Grid

Huge Magento catalogs force online entrepreneurs to resort to various methods that help optimize product management to reduce time. Product grid customization is one of those practices, and the number of resellers who rely on it is constantly increasing.

Why would you need to change the product grid view and adjust column representation? The first and foremost thing is that adding or removing grid columns contributes to product filtering since you can choose any attribute to filter/sort product listings instead of roaming multiple categories on purpose to reach necessary merchandise. You might also need to include some specific attributes into the grid to be able to check them without opening product after product.

The extended product grid brings flexibility to data handling and allows to bypass lots of monotonous operations, though you may stumble upon the fact that Magento admin does not provide the possibility to alter the grid. By default the following grid columns are available in the back office looks like this

Being familiar with coding, you can adjust the Grid view adding desired attributes to it, but what if some haven’t enough tech skills?

Luckily, there is a comprehensive Store Manager for Magento solution, that provides the possibility to customize the product grid according to your needs adding/removing corresponding attributes on the fly. Let’s view how it’s being done with this application and how it enhances product management.

How to Enable/Disable Grid Columns?

Extra attributes, you can include to the product grid, can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding button disposed on the product toolbar. An accordant window provides the list of all the attributes, you can enable and get displayed in the product grid.

Check the box for attributes you want to add to the grid. The options, provided on the toolbar allow you to instantaneously select necessary attributes, mark all the attributes, clear selection, and invert the selection. Choose the way, attributes will be displayed in this window, either as frontend labels or as attribute code.

and check needed to be added to the Main Products Grid

If some previously enabled attributes are not in use and you want to hide them, click on the icon, disposed of in the same row, column titles are, and disable these attributes.

Benefits of Customized Product Grid

  • Flexible Product Filter

Having added additional attributes to the grid, you actually add additional filtering criteria inside of a catalog’s product grid. You can sort products by grid columns simply by clicking on its heading. Moreover, Store Manager allows you to create custom filters by any of the attributes included in the grid. Click on the icon available beside each of the column headings and input conditions for filtering as it is shown in the screenshot

  • Move Grid Columns with Drag-and-Drop

Arrange grid columns according to your needs, using drag-and-drop to reorder attribute disposition in the grid

  • Edit Product Details Right in the Grid

The application supports grid editing, so you can modify any product-related detail directly in the grid without opening product after product. Edits will be simple, accurate and instantaneous.

  • Create a Filter by selected products

You can create a new filter based on previously made selections for further usage(for example for export)

  • Adjust Product Export

Store Manager offers grid export, using which you can transfer product-related data to an Excel file. Correspondingly, you can adjust the grid, including necessary columns or excluding the ones, you do need to export.

  • Thumbnails in the Grid

It is possible to preview product images in the grid and quickly reveal products without images sorting merchandise by thumbnail

Using non-default attributes in the product grid can greatly enhance catalog management and help online entrepreneurs bypass everyday routines. Although, you will not be able to activate this or that attribute and get its value displayed in the grid without coding since Magento admin does not support such a functional possibility. Rely on Store Manager for Magento, which comprises this feature out-of-the-box and lets easily customize the product grid.