5.3. Attribute Groups and Unassigned Attributes

fmAttributeSets, fmEditAttributeSet, fmAttribute, fmEditAttibuteGroup - Attribute Groups and Unassigned Attributes Management

The "Manage Attributes" pane facilitates the actual creation of attributes, as well as allows to assign attributes to Attribute Group Sets. The rightmost column contains a list of all unassigned attributes. Use the middle column to view the existing Attribute Groups (as folders), and already Assigned Attributes (as items in those folders).

Attributes section

Attribute Groups

As mentioned above, the middle pane lists attribute groups (as folders) and assigned attributes (as items in those folders). You may drag and drop them into the Unassigned Attributes pane, to unassign them.

When you select a specific Attribute Set, you will see a list of groups assigned to the Set. Note that an individual Group can be assigned to only one Attribute Set, and a.an Attribute can be assigned only to one Group, within a specific Set. An attribute may be moved between Groups, within an individual Set.

You may view the Attribute Sets/Groups pane, as a subgroup under the Attribute Groups pane. All selected Sets/Groups are assigned to the highlighted attribute, within the Attribute Groups pane. A selected attribute can be moved between Groups, within an individual Set and may be added, or removed from a particular Group, through selecting, or deselecting, the appropriate check-box(es).

You may select, or unselect, a Group, or Set, to remove, or add, an attribute to, or remove from, a list. Note that you cannot remove System Attributes from any list.

You may additionally perform the following basic operations:

  1. The [Add New Attribute Group] button displays a blank "Edit Attribute Group" form, which can be used to create a new Attribute Group within a selected Attribute Set. Groups determine certain display options/sort order in the front-end, so be sure to use descriptive, easily identifiable names, such as "Hardware".

Add Attribute Groups

2. To edit Attribute Group, use the corresponding button in the top toolbar, which calls an "Edit Attribute Group" form:

Edit attribute groups

3. You may delete selected Attribute Group from your store, by clicking [Delete]. Be sure to pay careful attention, as you won't be able to undo a delete operation, except via the restoration of a recently performed database backup.

Delete attribute group

4. The Groups list may be expanded, or collapsed, manually, or via the Expand/Collapse button:

Expand all records

There are 3 types of attributes:

      • User Defined Attributes, which may be added, edited, or deleted.

      • Visible System Attributes, which may be moved between groups, but cannot be added, modified, or deleted.

      • Invisible System Attributes, which are System Attributes used by your Shopping Cart, for internal use only! They may not be added, modified, or deleted.

Unassigned Attributes

Unassigned Attributes are attributes that are not included in the currently selected Attribute Set. Select unassigned attribute from the list and pay attention to the area below to see Attribute Sets/Groups this attribute is assigned to.

Drag Attribute from the Unassigned Attributes list and drop it into any Group in the Attributes Section in order to assign one.

Finally, using this toolbar in the column on the right you can add, edit or delete attributes:

  1. [Add Attribute] calls blank "Edit Attribute" form, which is used to create a new record.

Create attribute

2. To edit attribute you can double click on it or use the [Edit] button. It calls the "Edit Attribute" form for selected attribute:

Edit attribute

3. You may delete addresses from your Store via the [Delete] button.

Careful: You won't be able to undo a "delete from Store" option, except through the restoration of a recently performed database backup.

Delete attribute

4. To adjust columns width, select the relevant button, or enable [Column Auto Width].

Adjust columns width