1. Basic operations


To perform basic operations you can use Category Tool Bar:

- Add new category or subcategory to a selected category

- Edit the existing categories or subcategories.

- Expand or Collapse the category tree.

Move up and down

- –°hange the category position you can easy with the up-and-down buttons:

- Move selected category to the one level up;

- Move category to the next Parent Category.

- Remove selected category(ies) from the category tree.

- Display the selected category as the root of a tree of categories.

- Set category as active or not active you can easy with the help of the corresponding buttons:

- Copy categories . After clicking on this option you will receive the following form:

- Paste the copied categories. You should choose the appropriate variant from the form below:

- Assign Category Image. You can assign image to the selected category by indicating image name in edit category form or by dropping image name on category image zone

Assign image to category in Edit for,


The following video tutorial shows clearly how to assign the image to the certain category of Store Manager: