3.7.2. Tier Price

fmTierPrice, fmProducts

Add. Edit. Delete

Tier Pricing is a promotional tool that allows a store owner to offer pricing discounts on items, based upon purchasing in larger quantities. This is an effective way to move more merchandise, and appeal to customers who buy more than one product at a time. When a customer adds a designated quantity of a product to their cart, the price is automatically changed to reflect the pre-configured quantity discount level.

Tier Price Tab

You may add, edit, or delete tier prices using the designated buttons or through the context menus.

To add , or edit tier prices, follow the steps below:

  1. Press [Add] or [Edit] Tier Price
  2. Specify the following parameters:
    • "Website". Select a Website, from the drop-down menu, that you wish to apply the discounted price to.
    • "Customer Group". Enable the "All Groups" checkbox, to apply the discounted price to all groups, or disable the "All Groups" option, and select a specific customer group, from the drop-down. Tip: To apply a tier to multiple groups, but not all groups, create multiple tiers, each with the same Qty and Price information, and select a different customer group in each.
    • "Qty". Specify the quantity at which you wish to apply the discounted price.
    • "Price". This is the price that each item will cost when the customer chooses to purchase the specified quantity or more.
Tier Price

3. Click [OK] to save this entry, or click [Cancel] to discard changes.

Add to Selected

"Add to Selected Product" allows to create and apply tier price values to the selected items massively by using the corresponding command from the Products’ context menu (this option is available for versions of Store Manager starting from 3.14.0.:2159):

Add to Selected Products option

You will see the form with the following actions:

Add Tier Price to Selected Products form
  • The [Add] button displays the columns which should contain the necessary tier price data. Do not miss columns with asterisks as they are mandatory.
Add tier price columns
  • The [Delete] button clears the tier price list from the selected position(s)
'Delete' Tier Price option

In addition, you are able to filter products with the tier prices assigned in the main Products page of Store Manager. This option can be found in the top toolbar.

Click on the [Custom Columns] button and choose the option below:

Is Tier Price column

Products, which have the tier price assigned, will be marked with the following sign:

Column with tier price values