3.7.10. Product Tags

Important! Product Tags tab is available in Store Manager for Magento only for Magento 1.x. stores.

fmAddTag - Product TagfmTagChangeStatus

Product Tags are keywords that may be assigned to products, that will facilitate retrieval for subsequent processing action(s). Magento Product Tags help your customers organize and remember the products that they have seen, and offer quick navigation options in your Store.

Magento Store Manager Product Tags Tab

You may choose to add, or delete Tags for the highlighted product, using either the toolbar, or the context menu (displayed by right-click).

Magento Store Manager Product Tags Action

Follow the steps below, to perform such basic operations as:

Magento Store Manager Add Product Tag
  • [Add Tag] displays a blank "New Tag" form, which is used to create a new tag.

You may create a new tag for a customer:

Magento Store Manager Add Customer Tag

or/and for an Administrator:

Magento Store Manager Add Administrator Tag

To create a new product tag, specify its name and status. You may subsequently change the status of the product tag. Click [OK], to save the entry, and create a new tag, or click [Cancel], to discard the entry.

  • To edit the tag, double click on it, and change any necessary value(s).

Magento Store Manager Delete Tag
  • You may also [Delete] the tag from your store by selecting the corresponding button from the toolbar.

Be sure to pay careful attention, as you won't be able to undo a delete from Store operation, except by restoring a prior created backup.

You can change the status of selected tag by pressing the [Change Status] button and choose from the drop-down list the required variant (see an illustration above).

Magento Store Manager Change Status
Magento Store Manager Adjust a Columns Width
  • To adjust a columns width, use the relevant button, or enable the column auto width option .

Magento Store Manager Product Tags Filter

Use "Show all tags", or "Show tags of current product" filters, to manage the respective views.